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Virgo is recognized for its self-reliant, analytical, observant, and dependable qualities, making them excellent business partners and friends. They possess logical problem-solving abilities and straightforward thinking that is admired by many. If you require someone calm, practical, and helpful, look no further.

Element Description
Element Earth
Quality Mutable
Rules Mercury
Strength Loyal, Analytical
Weakness Shyness, Worry
Favorable Colors Grey, Pale-Yellow, Beige
Lucky Numbers 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Virgo Characteristics

Though Virgoans may appear modest and practical, they possess a loving and earthy nature that is often overlooked. Their zodiac symbol, the Virgin, is a reflection of their composite nature and honors ancient goddesses of the earth and harvest.

Virgoans are known for their exceptional analytical skills, quick thinking, and high levels of mental energy. They can be susceptible to stress and tension due to their perfectionist tendencies and strong work ethic, which can make them overly critical at times. As the planet Mercury governs communication, Virgoans are highly skilled communicators who can use their intellect to persuade and win arguments.

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