20000 + Profiles, 200 Years Traditionally

Shri Subramaya Rao Bonda had 30 years of experience with Vedic Astrology. Professionally astrologer from last 25 years. Reviewed 20,000+ profiles in his experience. 95% of his predictions will match perfectly.

His son Vinod Bonda is very curios about Vedic Astrology. With the guide lines he learned astrology to build a efficient multiple profile based prediction method for accurate predictions.(Good experience with KP & Western Astrological systems)

Bonda Venkata Subba Rao is father of Subramanya Rao Bonda. Bonda Anjaneyulu ( grand father of Subramanya Rao bonda ) is great upasaka for matha kali.

Our History

The village called Pamarru (Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh), When Shri Subramaya Rao Bonda at the age of 17 years. Some one in village pretty good looking lady elope with a hard looking guy. He was very curious how it would happens. Then start searching towards about it. Finally got perfect clarity with astrology. That would the his real starting point to journey of astrological life.

Shri Vaddadi Veerraju Siddhanthi is one of Guru helped to understand the secrets of the subject. Spent some time with Madras Astrological libraries etc. Astrology learned based on curiosity not to take as a profession. But unexpectedly every career path fails multiple times in life. In the mean while Matha Sarwaswthi came into dream said Astrology is the right profession & its destination then he decided to do.

He Referred so many books. Understand the strength and logic behind the subject. After that personal experiences and many of clients profiles with research understand about the secret logic’s behind it. He successfully predicted  20K+ Profiles.

Our Tradition

One should being a king (Position) in life he must have good planetary positions horoscope. But also every family member also must have to have good time.

Our research understand that every family member is a karmic relationship in life. Based on the statement need to look properly on every family member horoscope if someone wants to achieve big in family.

We follow Vedic, Western, KP, Multiple Profiles & Astrological systems to cross check verify the predictions.


Predicted for so many elections & politicians few of them are Respected ( Rayapati Sambashiva Rao, K.H Muniyappa, Shabbir Ali, Y.S Jagan Mohan readdy, Y.S Rajashekar Reddy, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, KCR ) Also predicted bad incident of Y.S.R death on air before 14 days. After that it was published on Andra Jyothi Paper.


Our experience always give new outputs.
Some times necessity is the mother of invention.

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