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Vision & Mission

Every reading must have purpose. It can be question or dilemma situation to get clarity on it. Understanding the current time is very important to take right decision & drive properly in life. We follow multiple astrological systems like Vedic, Western, KP for more accuracy & authenticity.

We love to make astrological predictions in a simple and easy to understand way. We specialize in researching on marriage & relationships, fertility, career etc. We have done some extraordinary work on birth time rectification, Astro-Advertising, predictive time (golden prediction technique) etc.

Our core values

Transparency – We believe in open, honest communication. If we mess up we’re not afraid to admit it.

Excellence – We strive to deliver the best customer service.

Efficiency – We want to be efficient in everything we do.

Philanthropy – We believe in giving back and as our organization grows our contribution towards building learning knowledge base will increase.

Lord Ganesha

Spiritual Guidance Never completely rely on astrology for each and every solution or queries. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized and felt subconsciously. I never prophesize, but I can honestly and confidently admit that Astrology only provides tendencies about one’s life. It is just like a Road Signage or a sign board that warns about the impending dangers and threats. And it wakes up the concerned person to be alert and avert the disaster to have a smooth ride or totally ignore it to go with the flow.

The Story behind Our Story

Curious nature is the reason for everything.

Who We Are

More than 20,000 profiles and still counting, 200 years of traditional legacy

Shri Subramanya Rao Bonda is a legendary Vedic Astrologer with more than 30 years of rewarding experience in Astrology and Vedic sciences. He has been successfully practicing professional Astrology from the last 25 years and reviewed more than 20,000 profiles with almost 95% accuracy.

His devoted son Vinod Bonda who is very inquisitive and passionate about Vedic Astrology also made a name for himself in a very short span in professional astrology. He is a post graduate in Astrology from the prestigious Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

He inherited a rich legacy from his celebrated father from a very tender age and further honed his skills in the most efficient way with multiple-profile based prediction methods and specializes in KP and Western Astrological systems.

Bonda Venkata Subba Rao is the father of Subramanya Rao Bonda. Bonda Anjaneyulu (grandfather of Subramanya Rao Bonda) is a great devotee of goddess Kali.

Our History

When Shri Subramaya Rao Bonda was just 17 years old in the village called Pamarru (Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India), a very beautiful young girl eloped with a very ordinary looking guy, much to the shock of everyone. This unusual incident had an indelible impact on his young mind and triggered the curiosity in him to know more about strange happenings in life. This search finally leads him to learn Astrology, and since then he hasn’t looked back.

Shri Vaddadi Veerraju Siddhanthi, a renowned Vedic scholar is one of the many Gurus who helped him to master the secrets of the subject, also spent considerable amount of time with the Madras Astrological libraries etc.

On an auspicious day goddess Saraswathi appeared in his dream and advised him to take up Astrology as a profession and accordingly he obliged her with full faith. What started out of mere curiosity ultimately lead him to take it up as a profession by divine grace.

To understand the strength and logic behind the subject, he enhanced his skills by referring many authentic books on Astrology. With his outstanding research skills and vast experience he could successfully predict more than 20,000 profiles in the past few decades.

Our Tradition

In order to be a king (Position) in life one must not only have good planetary positions in his / her horoscope but also every other family member should be having a good time.

Our research says that every family member is in a karmic relationship with other family members. Based on the above statement one needs to look thoroughly into every family member’s horoscope if someone really wants to achieve big in life.

We follow Vedic, Western, KP, Multiple Profiles & Astrological systems to cross check, verify and authenticate the predictions.


He successfully predicted the outcome of results and future of many elections and politicians respectively with great accuracy, authenticity and precision. Notable among the lot being KCR, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Y.S Jagan Mohan reddy, Shabbir Ali, Rayapati Sambashiva Rao, K.H Muniyappa, late Y.S Rajashekara Reddy and countless many other celebrities.

Curiosity & Testing Nature.

Inherently, I always like to delve deep into the concerned subject. Even when in school I was the first one raising my hand in the class for even silly doubts. Initially I was neither interested nor seriously thought about astrology as a profession.

Many a times I used to ask my father if he was really a great Astrologer; and if he was one, please tell me “What’s gonna happen in next 15 minutes”. But he convincingly showed me the right way forward clarifying all my deepest doubts. Finally and surprisingly I fell in love with it. Ever since, I was always fascinated by the beautiful art and science of Astrology.


One day a woman from a neighboring state contacted me. She is the eldest daughter of her family. Her father-in-law contested and lost as an MLA in a particular election. She has two brothers-in-law and asked me whom to pick up to field in the elections to win.

Seriously, I was in a big dilemma to answer that question, with them not even having their basic date of birth details. This incident challenged me to crack the codes and secrets of Astrology and finally my journey started in professional Astrology in predicting accurate results.

Accurate Predictions

After a long time by divine grace, I miraculously found the way forward with the help of one of my father’s dear friend Shri Choodavarapu Krishna Murthy garu, who encouraged me to learn and master Krishna Murthy Paddhathi (KP Astrology) and gradually and slowly I sharpened my innate skills immensely and profoundly in multiple-techniques. Also fine tuned my skills from a very revered Astrologer MR. Prasad, Nellore for a brief period.

Later on had met and interacted with many Astrologers who were reputed for their accurate predictions, mastered Bhrigu Nadi, Jaimini, KP, Western, Vedic and many other brilliant techniques. Finally, I built best tools and techniques from my own experiences and interactions in every system for predicting high quality and result oriented outcomes.

Testing Predictions

Now, I have designed and formulated my own techniques for predicting different situations in life or events etc. We can predict the potential of a movie’s story, rain, politics, movie success, personal horoscope. For testing my efficiency I strongly felt transit observation is the best bet because we can understand our strength for every 15 minutes.

About Us


We are RVA Astrologers and are into horoscope reading, Kundali matching and all kind of astrology services. Astrology happens to be our passion and we are on a mission to build simplified astrology learning knowledge base

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