Gemstone Recommendation

Astrologers will suggest gemstones based on the 1 – 5 – 9 Lords these are yoga karaka planets in the birth kundali. When those are weak our mind & thinking will not work sharp normally. If we use gemstones based on the rays of the gemstones we think properly. It will improves our strength of soul and mind perfectly. The gemstone should not wear for 6, 8, 12 lord planets.

Some of western astrologers suggests the gemstones based on the 10th house. Most powerful Kendra place in the birth chart. If we wear the gemstone for that will work more efficiently for that planet.

S. NO Planet Gemstone
1Sun GemstonePadmaraga
2Moon GemstonePearl
3Mars GemstoneRuby
4Mercury GemstoneEmerald
5Jupiter GemstoneYellow Sapphire
6Venus GemstoneDiamond
7Saturn GemstoneBlue Spinel
8Rahu Gemstonehessonite garnet
9Kethu Gemstonecat’s eye stone

Benefits of Gemstone (Ratnas) & Why Gemstones?

  • It diminishes the past reactions of karma.
  • it protects you against gloomy accidents and unfortunate events
  • its cures the influence of opposing planets and negative energy
  • It improves the circulation of the blood pressures.
  • it minimizes stress and cools down the mind
  • It reduces nervousness and depressions.

How to Wear Gemstones: Before wearing gemstones we should purify the mala of gemstone. There are many methods to do it. The procedure should be easy and implementable will works happiness. Before that carry the gemstone for 3 days and 3 nights. If you not getting any negative dreams or energy then you can go ahead with procedure mentioned below.

First Step take Coconut Water or Cow Milk or Gomutra take the mala sink for 24 hours.

Step Two: Take it out and wash it. Then put it sun rays full day of 12 hours.

Step Three: The same day put it moon rays for 12 hours.

Step Four: Reach the Lord Shiva Temple. Do Archana & Rudra Abhishem.

Step Five: Donate prashada for 11 members of Vipra (Pandits) or Beggars (Who are hungry)

Step Six: Keep maintain fasting one the same day. Sleep washed blanket on earth.

From the second day you can use gemstone as usual like a ring.

Treat as a God’s Idol (i mean we can’t take god’s idol to all places you know, we cant carry god’s idol all the times) maintain pavitratha.

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  • At the time of Horoscope reading or any other way We don’t recommend stones, Pooja, Pariharas or Remedies

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