Yogini Dasha Calculator

Yogini Dasha Calculator

Calculate your yogini dasha using yogini dasha calculator online will help to prepare for report using date of birth details. It will give Yogini Dasha Predictions, Interpretation of dasha like Bhadrika, Sankata , ulka etc. Yogini Dasa is another important Dasa of Vedic astrology. It is like vimshottari dasha period.

It is (similar to Vimsottari) a Nakshatra Dasa that is based upon the position of the Moon in her Lunar mansion. Each Nakshatra is assigned to a Yogini. Each Yogini has a corresponding planet or Node. There are in total 8 Yoginis. Ketu does not play a role in this Dasa. The total period of Yogini Dasa is 36 years.

YoginiDasa LordDuration (Years)NakshatrasDignitySignification
MangalaMoon16, 14, 22BeneficSuccess, prosperity
PingalaSun27, 15, 23MaleficDiseases, suffering. Troubles, worries.
DhanyaJupiter38, 16, 24BeneficProsperity, favors.
BhramariMars41, 9, 17, 25MaleficTravels, displacement. Abroad.
BhadrikaMercury52, 10, 18, 26BeneficGood results. Career, social status.
UlkaSaturn63, 11, 19, 27MaleficObstacles, delays. Grief.
SiddhaVenus74, 12, 20BeneficWealth, company of opposite sex.
ShankataRahu85, 13, 21MaleficLoss, death, diseases.

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