Refund and Cancellation Policy

In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will not refund back the money. The money which you paid for energy exchange only.

Clients have the liberty to cancel their consultation and can request a refund from us. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

 Cancellation Policy

You can request for cancellation of consultation within 24hr from payment made time.

For Cancellations please contact us via WhatsApp +91-9666669185 raise your request.

Refund Policy

if you requested for cancellation of consultation within 24hr, without getting benefited of any services from us. you will get full refund %100 to your original payment mode.

In case any client is not completely satisfied with our products / services we can not provide a refund.

If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.

we consider if you had 20min or more than 20min conversation with astrologer it means you have availed our service.
This page is subjected to change at anytime without notice!