Docs to Learn Astrology

In most industries, good tutorials are easily available online. However, I noticed a lack of such resources for astrology. One day, I decided to document my knowledge, hoping it would benefit upcoming astrologers.

Before delving into astrology, it’s important to understand how astrologers interpret the janam kundali with the signs, stars and planets.

Having a solid understanding of astrology concepts is invaluable when interpreting charts, analyzing planet colors, strengths, directions, and karakathwas.

Understanding Siddhanta Bhaga, the first major part of astrology, allows you to develop your own calculation patterns.

Phalita Bhaga, the second part of astrology, can be challenging. I find that comparing Vedic, KP, and Western systems is the best approach to reduce the prediction failure rate.

In astrology Muhurtha is the final part. finding an auspicious time without any Doshas is nearly impossible but by reducing the Eka Vimsathi Doshas and improving Gunas while also validating the Panchaka Rahitam is the key factor while finding Muhurthas.

Are you interested in learning astrology? You can access the RVA Learn Astrology Docs →