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  • Ask Famous Astrologer

    • When I will get job ? What about my career?
      Using K.P Horary Astrology we can give accurate date.
    • When i will get marry ? Will my love get success?
      Marriages are madden haven. Even we can know when it is.
    • Please tell about my post marital life and children ?
      Using your horoscope with birth time we can predict about it.
    • When I will get blessed with a child ?
      Blessing with children is desire of every women ask us.
    • Predict about my financial status and money ?
      Horoscope clearly signifies about our financial growth etc.
    • When I may buy property & car etc ?
      Every one love have dream home or property. You can know.
  • Astrologer Loard Ganesha

  • Love Marriage Problem Solution

    We can immediately predict is love marriage is possible with comparing both horoscopes. Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer will also give some remedies to avoid the delay of marriage.

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  • Govt Job / Career Astrology

    In our Career Horoscope analysis we will check your Govt job yoga in your kundali using vedic astrology. Astrologer will give you the predictions of future.

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  • Business & Money Predictions

    Business might have different shades as per situation. Astrologically what is the status of business? How to improve it. Is business really suitable to your profile or not we can predict.

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  • Advance Marriage Compatibility

    Every astrologer normally check Ghana 36 out that should reach 18. But in our case we analyse how the girl at mother-in-law home. How the relationship, attraction, post marital life etc.

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  • Health & Fertility Problems

    We see in many charts of females are facing Fertility and Gynecological problems due to sarpa dosha due that getting delay of children. We will suggest perfect remedy for santhana yoga.

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  • Property & Legal Problems

    Property & Legal Problems Dream home & buying property depends on 4th house, 8th house & 1…

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  • Gem Stone Suggestions

    As per horoscope based on weakness of favourable planet. We suggest you which gem stone make you stronger as well as suggest you how to wear exactly.

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  • Abroad Job / Education

    Every always like to have health life with good expectation of future. So most of people thinks about abroad job or education to earn good money. We can check your videshi yana yoga for you.
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Free Horoscopes

Want to know what career options are suitable & the favorable periods for you? By analyzing the fourth & tenth houses of your horoscope chart, our free career horoscope indicates your suitable options of education, occupation, profession, commerce along with your personality details, income, property etc.


Career Horoscope

Find out what where your professional life is headed. Whether you’re looking for work, after a raise or promotion, or thinking about switching careers, this reading is an essential business tool!

Career Horoscope Astrology
Indian Vedic Astrology is god’s gift to world. Vedic Astrology will allow to predicting our future in every aspect maximum. Career & Money is more important to feed the life.

Astrology Career Horoscope will predict from Rajya Stana 10th House (From lagna, Moon, Sun we do consider). Astrology means permutations and combination of planets & their strengths. Depends on planet positions, characteristics & the art of chart indicates your career opportunities.

Mole Astrology

Mole Astrology for Female, Male The Lucky Moles on Women’s Body Mole Astrology for Female: As per astrology for females it should be identified on the left side of body. Each mole on the body indicates about YOGA (benefit / loss) and its meaning. If the mole is located on the right side for women

Marriage Horoscope

Advance Marriage Compatibility using this astrological service we can predict more than basic 36 guna checking. Comparing the both the charts life styles, families, relationships, dasha period etc.

Free Numerology

Indian Baby Girl Names Astrology & Numerology | Baby Boy Names Consultant,
As per vedic astrology and numerology we can choose good names with both combinations. We have to consider birth star as per moon sign or sun sign we can pick the name. Each birth star contains starting letters, based on that we can format the name for life.


Today the importance has been increasing rapidly for gem stones. Still to what extents are they useful to the mankind, a million dollar question? Not using of gems in a proper way, proper time goes in vain.
Gemstones are called in telugu language as navaratna or navaratnalu. Yes gemstones are bright full & transparent stones with some colours. As per vedic astrology those colours defer and depends on planets. On earth we can see sun rays, moon rays, but we never know that Jupiter rays will also pass through earth. These planet rays will pass the cosmic energy. This cosmic energy is so powerful to human body to cure many of diseases. Today gemstone therapy also gives good results for health.