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Create kundali & forecast

The Janam Kundali tool assists in creating your birth chart and enables you to interpret it on your own. With this tool, you can gain insights into various aspects such as houses, planets, sadesati, rudraksha, gemstones, daily predictions, life graphs, and kundali matching, among others.

Create janam kundali

The hardest parts of the learning, made simple.

Siddhanta, Phalitha, Muhurtha Bhagas. We’ve got it covered for you. RVA makes the hardest parts of learning an amazing digital experience simple, leaving you more time focusing on prediction part.

Graphs for visual representation

Our graphs aid in understanding the flow of the chart, offering valuable insights. They assist learners and astrologers in analyzing patterns, trends, and movements.

Docs at your fingertips

Our docs facilitates quick and easy referencing of topics. It is divided into four distinct categories – basics, concepts, calculations, and case studies – enabling you to gain a more in-depth command of the subject.

Tutorials out of the box

A 200-hour video tutorial series that covers the basics and helps you become a skilled astrologer, suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts.

Community for everyone

A dedicated forum for aspiring astrologers, where you can ask questions that arise during your learning journey.

How RVA thinks

Access beneficial tools of astrologers as they provide a quick way to check sade sathi, gemstone recommendations, numerology, rudraksha suggestions, and much more. They cover everything from Kundali Charts to prediction graphs, catering to any astrological need you can imagine.

Our software consolidates all your individual calculations into a single, time-saving process. It allows you to effortlessly review all astrological charts together. No more need to spend excessive time performing individual checks – everything is merged into one place.

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Who is god ?

Astrology: symbolic language based on celestial patterns. God transcends math, embodying infinite divine intelligence governing the universe.

BTR is true ?

BTR, or Birth Time Rectification, is a method used in astrology to adjust the birth time for accurate chart interpretation.

Unknown features of RVA Software

RVA software instantly generates birth charts online, including Western progressive graphs, Astakavarga transit graphs, and planet strength calculators.


  • Horoscope Reading by the Astrologers was really great,Horoscope Calculators in the Website are free to use, Videos are giving great simplified deal of explanation on various complex aspects of astrology.

    AnilBusinessOwn Business
  • My experience with RVA and Mr. Vinod was extremely pleasant. Their predictions came true for me. He explained everything with reference to the planetary positions and how they effect us. Six months back I took their consultation for the first time and today again i took his guidance on certain pending matters and would surely recommend him to my friends and family.

  • Appreciate the whole process and setting the expectations upfront on what can be told and what cant be told in horoscopes. Very diligent and professional in the way whole process is done. Highly ly recommend!!!

    SunilVice PresidentUnknown
  • Detailed and accurate description of previous past events and help with future possible events.Very detailed analysis and Vinod garu answers the astrological basis for any past events. He also answers questions with patience and clarity. He spends as much as whats needed to answer all the questions.

  • Vinod sir is really good in identifying and analyzing the nuances of Astrology.His predictions are very accurate..He explains everything in great detail.. All videos he uploaded in YouTube are quite informative.I really hope his efforts pay off and many people learn this complex subject with ease.

    Sai KrishnaStaff EngineerQualcomm

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