Using KP hoary software you can view horary charts, ruling planets, casting time ruling planets, house & planet significators (A, B, C, D), western planetary & house aspects, house & planets cusps, and also 4 levels of Dasha.

+ Advanced Options

Krishnamurti Paddhati

We support multiple ayanamsas, geo-location, you can save the horary details into your accounts and use when required. It supports multiple languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc.). You can also Print the Horary Charts. Ascendant can be moved to any house like 5, 9, 11 as per your needs

KP Placidus house division chart helps to read the natal chart of any native. Without switching to other tabs you can predict instantly from a single window. These features help to delineate the horoscope for comprehensive analysis.

It’s a web-based software, installation is not required. You can use RVA KP horary software online from any web browser free of cost and it can be accessed from mobile phones, and on desktops.

Practicing is the only way to attain perfection in KP Horary.

KP Software Features

  • View Horary Chart
  • 1-249 Horary
  • Move Lagna – We can move to the 5th or 9th house like that.
  • Ruling Planets
  • Casting Time Ruling Planets
  • House Cusps & Planet Cusps
  • House & Planet Significators, (A, B, C, D)
  • Planetary & House Aspects Details
  • Dasha – 4 Levels of Dasha
  • Multiple Ayanamsas
  • Geo-Location Support
  • Save Horary into your accounts
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Login and Save
  • Print the charts

How to use KP Horary Software

Enter your name, question, and other required details, enter the number chosen by the client and click on submit to generate an online horary chart. For an elucidate explanation read more.

In case of any issues (bugs or miscalculations), you can report at our forum.

If you are unable to find your birthplace, you can start the discussion mentioning the longitude and latitude details. we will add location into our software

To provide your valuable feedback and design-related suggestions, start a discussion

We’ll take all your feedback to make the software more efficient.

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