Chara Dasha Calculation

Jaimini Astrology Calculator is free. Jaimini Chara Dasha Calculation Horoscope generate dasha your report online free based on your date of birth. Jaimini maharshi prepared the chara dasha system in vedic astrology.

In Parashari astrology we use Sthira (fixed) Kara (Significator). In the jaimini astrology we use Chara (moveable) Karaka use in it. The Karaka can vary from chart to chart.

First, let’s understand the Chara Karaka’s documentation and usage in a horoscope.

7 Planets compete for becoming different Chara Karaka excluding Rahu & Ketu:

1)  Atma Karaka (AK)

2) Amatya Karaka (AmK)

3) Bhratri Karaka (BK)

4) Matri Karaka (MK)

5)Putra Karaka (PK)

6) Gnati Karaka (GK)

7) Dara Karaka (DK)

In Jaimini system, we use the aspects of sign instead of planets, which is used in Parashari System.

    • All Movable Rashi’s aspects the Fixed Rashi’s except the adjacent one.
    • All Fixed Rashi’s aspects the Movable Rashi’s except the adjacent one.
    • All Dual Rashi’s aspects the other Dual Rashi’s

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