Kuja dosha or Manglik Dosha is generally considered during kundali matching. It is believed that a Manglik dosha individual should find a partner with Manglik dosha. Let’s understand the meaning of this belief and how Mars affects the marital life of individuals.

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Venus is considered as a wife (kalatra karaka) giving for boys and Mars as husband giving for girls. Hence Kuja plays a significant role in determining marriage compatibility.

Manglik Dosha Rules

In a Horoscope, the position of Mars in any of the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses are known as Manglik / Kuja Dosha. Kuja imparts materialistic and aggressive nature to individuals. To balance this Manglik (person with Kuja dosha) is married to another Manglik as this is a way to minimize the aggressive interactions among the couple.

The positions of Kuja in horoscope affect a person in various aspects which are

  • 2nd house indicating family bonding, 
  • 4th house indicating happiness and comforts, 
  • 7th house indicating spouse and marital expectations, 
  • 8th house imparting drastic decision making, health, and spouse relation and 
  • 12th house indicating marital pleasures.

Manglik Dosha Effect on Marriage

As discussed in the beginning, Kuja (Mars) is the planet karaka for marriage in a girl’s chart especially If this planet is not well placed, the relationship with the husband is affected. There are chances of regular quarrels and misunderstandings, reduction in marital pleasures, etc. Here, we have to counter with sextile or trine of a girl’s square aspect planets at her horoscope with any other big planets from boys’ horoscope. This annihilates the Kuja dosha, which is sometimes possible with the boy’s horoscope too. But if the link is with negative planets like Rahu, there might be a delay in having kids.

Manglik Dosha Cancellation

Having a balancing beneficial planet at an angle of 120° degrees or any appropriate angle (this is calculated by an astrologer) not only minimizes the Kuja dosha but can also nullify it.

A powerful trine aspect with the compatible plants also minimizes or nullifies the effect. Western aspects of the girl and the boy are considered and cross-checked for the angle between the planets in their horoscopes concerning the other person’s.

This enables us to find the exact positioning and the situations created by these effects. Matching or linking with stronger planets at required houses and angles balance the Mangalik Dosha (expectations) effect.

There are certain exceptions for Kuja dosha considering various planetary positions and Western Aspects.

  • Kuja is the ascendant lord for Aries and Scorpio resulting in no dosham for this case.
  • When Mars is exalted in Capricorn or his own House, there is no effect of Kuja dosha.

Manglik Dosha Remedies Before After Marriage

Common remedies suggested by astrologers include Subramanyeshwara Pooja, Kuja Graha Dana Pariharam, Manglik Danam (donations), Japam is done if the planet is a yoga karaka for ascendant and danam in the other case and many other alternate rituals to minimize the ill-effects. Though remedy is not a solution, it can help to handle the situations with ease. Remedies are unique depending on horoscope and approach an astrologer for suggestions.

Manglik Dosha Calculator – Kuja Dosha Calculator

The Manglik Dosha Calculator only helps you to check the percentage of Manglik Dosha based on Aspect and the House.

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