After Making payment at our Services area we will take 6 – 7 days to prepare and analyze your horoscope.

Once your horoscope is ready we shall schedule a call or an In Person meeting accordingly.

The Conversation would be of 60 to 75 minutes duration, about your horoscope.

Note : The conversation would happen only with the person, whose horoscope is being analysed. Its Not possible to read your chart with parents, siblings, partner or any others.

Astrology is just a tool to interpret, we will not be able to modify anything.
We do not recommend any remedies like : pooja, parihar, mantra, yantra, stones, etc…

What you will get ?

You will get the call conversation recording audio* file and Kundali PDF file over WhatsApp.

Visit this link to view : kundali

There will be no written document provided.

Call Recording is provided for your reference only. At times due to some technical glitches the calls might not get recorded at our end, for which we always suggest you to record the same at your end.


4 minute difference in birth time provided compared to actual – will change 1° degree ascend-ant, hence there will be 1 year prediction difference accordingly.

We can handle the correction till 5 minutes without any additional cost & time, whereas any difference above 5 minutes – we will have to work on it for a span of 12 to 13 days to rectify the same for every 30 minute ( half hour) difference.

Example : If the birth time provided by you is almost of a 90 minutes difference, then we shall take 39 days (13days x 3 half hours) to rectify your details and come up with astrological birth time.

If your birth time is not correctly noted and any rectification is required., Do mention birth time range in notes area (for example: 10.00am to 11.00am)

If you have any questions prior to confirmation, you can email us for clarifications at : [email protected]

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