Our main agenda to give accurate predictions with the help of multiple astrological systems (Vedic, Westren, KP). Cross checking the predictions with one system to other will help to verify the accuracy of predictions.


WhatsApp Birth Details

Share your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy), time of birth (hh:mm), place of birth (city name) . Any 2 life events marriage or important job. These helps to verify birth time. And also share your questions.

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Make Payment

Before making payment will tell how we can answer your questions, Our astrological consultation would be one hour telephonic conversation. We are accepting domestic payments with PayUMoney or bank transfer. international users can pay using PayPal or Western Union, Wire Transfer.

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Schedule Appointment

After you make the payment, We usually take 6-7 days prepare and analyse. We can schedule the session at your convent time peacefully. Between 10 am-9 pm IST We share conversation call record & horoscope.

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Share Birth Details via WhatsApp +91-9666 669185

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