RVA Software is web based online astrology software. An astrologers favorite software. Supports multiple astrological systems. Nadi Astrology Software, KP Astrology Software, Western Astrology Software, Vedic Astrology Software.

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The biggest advantage of RVA software is it allows an astrologer to access all Vedic, KP, Western charts in one place where you can generate natal, progression, transit charts. It’s free and the idea behind making the software open is to support the budding astrologers and help everyone access astrological charts and provide a hassle-free experience while analyzing horoscopes on all the devices and browsers. The software automatically adds the age to the birth date when you want to generate western progression charts without manual efforts saving calculation time for humans. You can generate both north or south Indian kundali. Transit charts are also generated for the progression year. Standard Placidus bhava division is used, you can also switch between different ayanamsas, different languages.

The 4 levels of Dasha i.e., Dasha, Bhukthi, Antara and Sukshma can be seen as a tree view. The 4 Divisional charts D9 navamsa, D7 Saptamsha, D10 Dashamsha, D60 Shastamsha chakrams can also be found.

While analyzing in KP, you can find sub-lords and significators, significators house and planets view if you are analyzing in western you can view the planet and house aspects (like: conjunctions 0°, sextile 60°, square 90°, trine 120°, opposition 180°, etc) can be viewed from the respective tables.


  • Natal/Progression/Transit Charts
  • Multiple ayanamsas
  • North/South Indian kundali
  • Divisional charts (Varga Chakras)
  • Significator house and planet view
  • House and planet cusps tables
  • Planet house aspects
  • 4-level Vimshottari Dasha
  • Multiple language support
  • Set Default Location
  • Dark and light themes
  • Log in to save the charts
  • Print
    • You can also add the custom latitude and longitude, time zone details in generating the charts.

      Adjustment of daylight saving time is done automatically by the software once you provide it with the birthplace details and hence the user needn’t worry about this factor.

      We know that many you guys work late nights you can also switch between light and dark themes depending on your convenience. 🙂

      Upcoming features: Ashtakavarga and Shambala charts addition is also in progress and will be made available soon.

      In case of any issues (bugs or miscalculations), you can report at our forum

      If you are unable to find your birthplace, you can start the discussion mentioning the longitude and latitude details. we will add location into our software

      To provide your valuable feedback and design-related suggestions, start a discussion

      We’ll take all your feedback to make the software more efficient.