Tarabalam Chakra


  • My Nakshatra (Birth star) is Magha and today’s star is Revati. Hence my tarabalam is 9 (good). But my birth star is Revati and today’s star is Magha so my tarabalam for today will be: 2 (Very good).
  • Let’s take second example: My star is Uttara Shadha (U.Shadha) and today’s star / nakshatram is Ashwini so my tarabalam will be 8 (very good). But if my star was Ashwini and today’s star was U.Shadha my tarabalam will be 3 (Bad).

Tarabalam Chakra

  • The above table is divided into three groups of nakshatras known as a Navakam.
  • While deciding muhurthas in case the the tara balam happens to be bad(1,3,5 and 7) and the tara falls in First Navakam for Janma Tara, Second Navakam for Vipat Tara, and Third Navakam for Pratyak Tara and in any Navakam for Naidhana has to be discarded.
  • Muhurthas are possible even during the bad tarabalam by doing suitable dosha pariharam.
  • Tarabalam is a basic step in calculating muhurtha.
  • Other factors like panchaka bala, calculation of muhurta chart is very important.
  • If muhurtha chart is strong and required planets are positioned well it counters all doshas.
  • This does not replace the judgement of a professional astrologer but uses it as an aide.

Pariharam for Taradosham

  • For Janma Tara: Saka Danam–Yellow Pumpkin,Leafy Vegetable,
  • For Vipat Tara: Jaggery Danam
  • For Pratyak Tara: Salt Danam
  • For Naidhana Tara: Should be avoided. If inevitable Tila Sahita Suvrana Danam(Seseme seeds+Gold)

Meaning of tarabalam is explained in following table.

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