Yama (the god of death & the king of dharma (justice)). He is the god who upholds the code of social morality and rules the south direction & associated with the ancestors. He is the binder, finisher, the nose carrier and embodies kala or time. Goddess kali a fierce form of parvati (shiva shakti) is also associated with bharani.

Element Description
Diety Yama
Sounds Lee (ली), Lu (लू), Le (ले), Lo (लो)
Planet Venus
Colour Blood Red
Gana Manushya Gana
Animal Male Elephant

Introduction to Bharani Nakshatra

Welcome to the Bharani Nakshatra! (The Star of Restraint) We’re excited you’re here.

Lot of content about bharani nakshatra arranged step by step. You can understand most common trade qualities of bharani nakshatra people. But don’t judge anything by just knowing birth star.

We have to look janam kundali for detailed analysis:

  • Fighting for Justice and Social / Noble Causes.
  • Step Motherly Treatment or Sense of Unfairness.
  • Association with Death or Death Like Situation.
  • Sense of Struggle and Suffering.
  • In some cases imprisonment or other forms of confinement.
  • Capable
  • Truthful
  • Successful in work or profession
  • Free from diseases and grief
  • Addictive nature
  • Ggynecology problems
  • Extreme nature
  • Prone to become habitual of consumption of alcohol or sexual activities
  • Clever
  • Creative
  • Artistic
  • Materialistic
  • Able to perform tasks quickly
  • Delights in new experiences
  • Dutiful
  • Loyal to family and friends
  • Courageous approach
  • Spontaneous
  • Good health and longevity
  • Talented in profession
  • Leadership – successful in public life
  • Satisfied
  • Overburdened
  • Restless
  • Amoral
  • Fickle
  • Too clever
  • Resists control and restraint
  • Stubborn
  • Childlike
  • Vulnerable
  • Vigor troubles others
  • Needs discipline
  • Irritable
  • Impatient
  • Potential to burnout
  • Has too much to do
  • Unable to pace themselves
  • Sexually indulgent
  • Vane
  • Moralist
  • Working with children (teaching, child-care, etc.)
  • Gynecologist
  • Funeral services
  • Fields related to sexuality
  • Mortician
  • Estate planning
  • Homicide detective
  • Obituary writers
  • Judges
  • Models
  • Hotel industry
  • Catering
  • Fire fighter
  • Surgeons
  • Photographers
  • Occultists
  • Positions of extreme secrecy
  • Geophysics

Nakshatra Padas

First Pada Second Pada Third Pada Fourth Pada
13°20′ – 16°40′ (1) 16°40′ – 20°00′ (1) 20°00′ – 23°20′ (1) 23°20′ – 26°40′ (1)
Navamsa: Leo Navamsa: Virgo Navamsa: Libra Navamsa: Scorpio
Sound: Lee Sound: Lu Sound: Lay Sound: Lo
Keyword: Will Power Keyword: Altruism Keyword: Harmonize Keyword: Uninhibited
Bharani Nakshatra 1st Pada Characteristics Bharani Nakshatra 2nd Pada Characteristics
Bharani Nakshatra 3rd Pada Characteristics Bharani Nakshatra 4th Pada Characteristics