This sign runs from 60 to 90 degrees in the zodiac and is located at both shoulders In the this sign. has the duration of 5 ghatis and 23 palas . it is an odd sign with Mercury as its lord. it is duel in nature and male in sex. The Sun takes 31 days 37 emus and 32 palas to traverse it. It has green colour, is “windy” in nature. it is uniform in cold and heat. It represents Shudra caste, It is strong in day time, has average progeny, un healthy body and is lord of the western direction. Educational interest and efficiency in arts are its natural traits. Shoulders and arms are studied through this sign.

Gemini General  Characteristics

Signs : Cancer,Leo,Sagittarius

Planets: Jupiter,Sun

Lucky Numbers : 1,9

Color : Red

Favourable Day :Tuesday

Nature :Fiery