Ardra: Sweet-tongued, lovingly social, revered, pure hearted regretful; weak-hearted, badly sick, of ordinary financial status, does dishonourable deeds, un foresighted, clashes with relatives lead a vile and aggressive life.

Ardra Nakshatra : Ardra 6-40 to 20-00′ Gemini

General Characteristics: Emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity – deep feeling along with passionate thinking – motivated by desire

Translation : The moist one

Symbol   : The human head.

Animal symbol : Female dog.

Ruling planet: Rahu

Nature : Manushya (human).

Presiding deity : Rudra the god of the storm and destruction.

Rudra Deva fem latte butcher caste eastern provinces oil – mongers washerman thieves watery products delighted in killing and torturing laying  cheating and tale-bearing thieving adulterer black magic

Rahu + Mercury + Moon The moon is manah karaka (mind) here place on rahul star and mercury sign. He will show rahu characteristics and mercury logics and fastness of behaviour.

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