Mula Nakshatra

  1. Mula

“The Foundation Star”

Symbol: Bunch of Roots tied Together (Reticulated Roots), Elephant’s Goad (gives the Elephant one of the Largest Animal on Land Direction), A Lion’s Tail

Deity: Nirruti (Goddess of Dissolution, Calamity and Destruction who Lives in the Kingdom of the Dead and is associated with the Powerful Goddess, MahaKali. She is also called “Alakshmi” or the denial of Lakshmi; the Embodiment of Abundance and Prosperity), Ancient Scriptures also consider Prajapati (Lord of Progeny and Creation) as the Sub Deity of this Nakshatra

Favourable: Getting down to the Root of the Matter, Gathering Knowledge, Administering Herbs and Medicines, Planting and Gardening, Agriculture, Designing, Oratory Activities, Forcefulness, Dynamism, Laying Foundations for Houses, Construction, Buying and Selling Homes, Expressing Sexuality, Contemplation and Meditation, Initiation into Study of Science and Astrology, Adventures

Unfavourable: Balance, Tactfulness, Marital Events, Diplomacy, Lending or Borrowing, Materialism, Initiations or Beginnings, Marriage Ceremony, Financial Transactions


Elements connected to Mula Nakshatra

Deity Nirruti
Symbol Reticulated Roots
Planet Ketu
Purushartha Kama
Gana Rakshasha (Demon)
Varna Butcher
Element Vayu (Air)
TriMurthi Brahma (Create)
Animal Male Dog
Bird Red Vulture)
Tree Salai, Black Dammar
Sound Yeh, Yo, Baa, Bee

Bit lines about Mula Nakshatra

Key Themes

  • Pain, Humiliation and Loss of Face
  • Break things Apart or Crushing Objects
  • Inquisitive Mind, Going to the Root of a Topic



Star: Mula

Rasi (Zodiac): Sagittarius

Range: 00o 00’ – 13o 20’ Sagittarius

Padas: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Meaning: “The Root” or called as the “Root Star”

Indication: “The Foundation Star”

Body Part: The Feet, the Left Side of the Trunk

Guna (Quality): Tamas

Gana (Race): Rakshasa (Demon)

Purushartha (Goal): Kama (Latent Desires, Passion)

Tridosha: Vata (Wing or Air + Space)

Nature/ Category of Star: Tikshna (Sharp/ Dreadful)

Varna (Caste): Butcher

Gotra (Clan): Pulastya (name translates as “One having Smooth Hair”)

Direction: North

Pancha Mahabhuta (Element): Air (Vayu)

Shakti (Power): Barhana Shakti (The Power to “Ruin, Destroy and to Break Things Apart”)

Basis Above: To Break

Basis Below: To Crush

Result of Shakti, Basis, & Desire: Destruction

Desire: To find the Root of all Progeny

Activity: Active

TriMurthi (Process): Brahma (Create)

Direction of Mouth / Motion: Adho Mukha (Looking Down/ Facing Downwards)

Yoni (Gender): Male

Animal Symbol: Dog

Bird: Red Vulture, Ruddy Shelduck (Chakravaaka Pakshi)

Sounds: Yeh, Yo, Baa, Bee

Tree/ Plant: Sarjaka, Salai, Anjan, Kammara, Black Dammar (Latin Name: Boswellia Serrata or Canarium Stricpum)

Colour: Bright Yellow

Janam Kundali


MAR 21-APR 19


APR 20-MAY 20


MAY 21-JUNE 20


JUN 21-JUL 22


JUL 23-AUG 22


AUG 23-SEP 22


SEP 23-OCT 22


OCT 23-NOV 21


NOV 22-DEC 21


DEC 22-JAN 19


JAN 20-FEB 18


FEB 19-MAR 20

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