List of Nakshatras

The nakshatras have unique energies that provide insights into a person’s life. Understanding their mythological connections, traits can enhance our understanding and improve the accuracy of predictions in astrology.

Favorable activities : Commence a journey, trade, and transactions, involve in sports activities, and also starting sales, business or repaying loan/debts.

Learn music,conducting dance, and arts and marriages. They are also ideal for the enjoyment of pleasures, making new friends, and wearing new clothes.

Build homes, plant trees, purchase property, lay a foundation, and buying agricultural property.

Buy automobiles, vehicles, beginning a journey or procession, travel, change of residence or job, and other major changes.

Filing a divorce, breaking a relationship, black magic, exorcism, and other brash/bold activities.

Performing destructive deeds such as demolishing, poisoning, setting fire, and confronting enemies.

Daily mundane actions, fire ceremonies and to buy furniture and electronics.

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