Agni (god of fire), lord muruga/skanda/karthikeya (the commander of the celestial godly forces, nurtured by the foster mothers kritikkas), agni is also called as the god with seven tongues and he signifies knowledge. He also rules over the direction south east.

Element Description
Diety Agni
Sounds A (आ), E (ई), U (उ), Ea (ऐ)
Planet Sun
Colour White
Gana Rakshasha (Demon)
Animal Female Goat

Introduction to Krittika Nakshatra

Welcome to the Krittika Nakshatra! (The Star of Fire) We’re excited you’re here.

Lot of content about krittika nakshatra arranged step by step. You can understand most common trade qualities of krittika nakshatra people. But don’t judge anything by just knowing birth star.

We have to look janam kundali for detailed analysis:

  • Adulterous Nature and Illicit Affairs.
  • Surrogacy and Foster Parenting.
  • Illegitimate and Abandoned Children.
  • Eating Habits, Digestion and Cooking.
  • Connected with Sharp Fire or Blades.
  • Determined to achieve greatness
  • Tenacious will
  • Sharp
  • Cutting & penetrating by nature.
  • Dignified
  • Royal
  • Stylish
  • Romantic
  • Desireful
  • Love failures
  • Fertility issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Ego problems
  • Famous within their group
  • Respectable leader
  • Attractive appearance
  • Dignified
  • Self-motivated
  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Unshakable determination
  • Goal oriented
  • Materialistic
  • Ability to acquire possessions
  • Great pride in what they do
  • Honors commitment
  • Straight forward
  • Peaceful nature
  • Bright, strong appetite
  • Unstable mind
  • Changeable
  • Vacillating
  • Stubborn
  • Dissatisfied
  • Impatient
  • Responds too strongly to challenges
  • Sets goals or expectations too high
  • Overextends their health with constant activity
  • Nervous
  • Excitable
  • Aggressive
  • Passive-aggressive
  • Difficulties with food and eating
  • Gluttonous
  • Motivated by desire
  • Child-like nature
  • Positions of authority or management
  • Generals
  • Critics
  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Technical professions
  • Any field related to sharp objects such as knives or swords
  • Fencing
  • Archer
  • Blacksmith
  • Jeweler
  • Surgeon
  • Professions involving explosives or fire
  • Police & military
  • Miners
  • Cooks
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Motivational trainer
  • Ceramics
  • Spiritual teacher
  • Hair stylist
  • Tailor
  • Work in orphanages
  • Barbers

Nakshatra Padas

First Pada Second Pada Third Pada Fourth Pada
26°40′–30°00′ (1) 00°00′-03°20′ (2) 03°20′-06°40′ (2) 06°40′-10°00′ (2)
Navamsa: Sagittarius Navamsa: Capricorn Navamsa: Aquarius Navamsa: Pisces
Sound: Ah Sound: Ee Sound: Oo Sound: Ay
Keyword: Exploratory Keyword: Material Keyword: Humanitarian Creative Manifestation

Krittika Nakshatra 1st Pada Characteristics Krittika Nakshatra 2nd Pada Characteristics
Krittika Nakshatra 3rd Pada Characteristics Krittika Nakshatra 4th Pada Characteristics

Daily Prediction Graph

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Balarishta Dosha of Krittika Nakshatra

  • Krittika First Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Krittika nakshatram 1st charanam, nakshatra dosham not there, no shanti is required

  • Krittika Second Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Krittika nakshatram 2nd charanam, nakshatra dosham not there, no shanti is required
  • Krittika Third Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Krittika nakshatram 3rd charanam, nakshatra dosham affects based on bay gener if its boy father and child if its girl mother and child
  • 7 days Ketu Graha Poorna Kumbha Japam should be performed on the name of father and child before 3 months of baby’s age.

    • Krittika Fourth Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Krittika nakshatram 4th charanam, nakshatra dosham not there, no shanti is required

    Baby Names for Krittika Nakshatra

    • Krittika Baby Names: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Krittika nakshatram you can put any name it won’t change the fate. But nama nakshatra energy will increase after 25-30 years by calling the with that name.

    Sounds: A (आ), E (ई), U (उ), Ea (ऐ)

    • Conditions: We should not name star names like (krithika, revahi, anuradha) etc. We should not name river names (narmada, ganga) etc.
    • Janam Kundali: Which planet have more strengh in horoscope. Which star it occupied based on that we can judge better.
    • Numerology: Based on the lagana lord we can consider the number, The total count will be considered.

    Compatible Stars for Marriage

    Marriages are made in haven, No body can’t change the destiny. Never thouth if you marry with compatable star everything will be fine. Its only first step to check the matching, Again astrologer will examine both the horoscopes for further verification.

    Hope below astrology tools helps for priminary check by yourself.

    Jyeshtha, Shatabhisha, Dhanishta, Pushya, Bharani, Krittika, Mula, Ashwini, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha

    Shubh Muhurat

    Every nakshatra have it’s own frequency, So few of the activies can be done on ashwini star it will supports its flow.

    There are many rules to make muhurtha based Muhurtha Tutorial you can learn.

    We should be very clear why we are choosing that paricular star, Which is the best nakshatra for our purpose. For example Ashwini connected to medicine, learning, travelling effectivly. Those activties can be done smootly. Again it depends of Tarabalam, Panchakarahitam etc.

    Favorable Activities on Krittika Nakshatra

  • Fire Worship
  • Purification
  • Leaders
  • Executives
  • Cooking
  • Embroidery
  • Sewing
  • Shaving
  • Cutting
  • Honesty
  • Frankness
  • Drumming
  • Debates
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Unfavorable Activities on Krittika Nakshatra

  • Social Interactions
  • Diplomacy
  • Relaxation
  • Rest
  • Activities involving Water
  • Elements of Krittika Nakshatra

    Element Description
    Star Krittika Nakshatra
    Sign Aries / Taurus
    Range 26°40′Aries – 10°00′ in Taurus
    Diety Agni (God of Fire)
    Planet Sun
    Meaning “To be Critical”, “The Cutters”
    Indication “The Star of Fire”
    Symbol Knife, Blade (Razor), Spear, The Cutter, or a Sharp Instrument
    Shakti (Power) Dahana Shakti (The Power to “Burn and Purify or refers to its Power to Sever ties with the Corporal”)
    Basis Above To Create Heat
    Basis Below To Create Light
    Desire To be the Eater of Foods for the Gods
    Body Part Hips, Loins and the Crown of the Head (Upper and Back Portions of the Head)
    Purushartha (Goal) Kama (Latent Desires, Passion)
    Category of Star Misra (Mixed/ Sharp and Soft)
    Gana (Race) Rakshasa (Demon)
    Guna (Quality) Rajas
    Varna Brahmin (Priest)
    Pancha Mahabhuta Prithvi (Earth)
    TriMurthi Shiva (Dissolve)
    Animal Goat (Ram)/ Sheep
    Bird Peacock, Crow
    Tree Oudumbara, Cluster Fig (Latin Name: Ficus Racemosa)
    Sounds A (आ), E (ई), U (उ), Ea (ऐ)
    Colour White
    Tridosha Kapha (Phlegm or Water + Earth)
    Yoni (Gender) Female
    Direction North
    Gotra (Clan) Angiras (name translates as the “Fiery One”)
    Direction of Motion Adho Mukha (Looking Down/ Facing Downwards)

    Deity: Agni (God of Fire), Lord Muruga/Skanda/Karttikeya (the Commander of the Celestial Godly Forces, Nurtured by the Foster Mothers Kritikkas), Agni is also called as the God with Seven Tongues and He Signifies Knowledge. He also rules over the Direction South East.

    Mythology of Krittika Nakshatra

    Few interesting points about krittika nakshatra :

    • Krithika to Vishaka – Devayana Nakshatra & Anuradha to Bharani – Pitra Yana Nakshatras.
    • Agni 2 Heads (Heavens & Earth), 3 Legs (3 Lokas), Spoon, Agni rides on Female Goat.
    • Lord Krishna wear feather of peacock, to protect from the snakes.
    • Agni can weld things & melt things. Soft & Sharpness of Nakshatra.

    Story of Agni & Swaha Devi – Saptha Rishis

    Agni infatuated by Wives of Saptharishi Wives. Rejected by all of them. Swaha is a daughter of Daksha, and by many accounts, the wife of Agni, the God of fire. Agni was initially reluctant to marry her, but in the end was persuaded to do so. She obtained the boon that oblations will be poured into fire by taking her name.

    In some traditions, Skanda, the commander of the Devas is said to be their son, when she tricked Agni into having conjugal relationship with her, by taking the form of the wives of the SaptaRishis (except Arundhati), whom Agni desired. ‘Birth of Karthikeya’.

    Story of Karthikeya & Tarakasura

    Skanda is the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is also considered by some to be the son of Agni and the Krittikas (pleiades), or of Agni and Swaha. An Asura named Taraka had obtained a boon that he could not be slain by anyone except a seven year old child. Armed by this boon, he defeated all the celestials. Only a child born to Shiva could kill him.

    However, Shiva had become a recluse after the death of his wife Sati. With the help of Kama, the Gods ensured that he married Parvati, a re-incarnation of his wife Sati. Skanda was born of this union. The story of his birth is told here.Once Skanda reached the age of seven, he led the Deva army against Taraka and Surapadma and slew them both.

    His vehicle is a peacock and his weapon is a spear. He has two wives, Valli, and Deivanai, the daughter of Indra. His other names are Kartikeya, Kumara, Subrahmanya, Shanmuka and Guha.

    Kandhava Dahanam at Maha Bharath.

    The Brahmana then revealed himself to be Agni. He said, “It is my nature to burn. I have been longing to burn this Khandava forest, which has been apportioned to me by food. However, Indra’s friend Takshaka, the king of snakes resides there with his friends.

    The lives of all in that forest is forfeit to me, but out of affection for his friend, Indra is preventing me from consuming this forest. Whenever I begin to burn it, he orders his thunder clouds to cause pouring rain, dousing my flames. This hunger has started consuming my very self, I cannot bear it any longer. I ask you to protect me while I burn the Khandava forest.

    The real reason why Agni wants to burn this forest is to cure his stomach ailment. The story of how he got sick is narrated here.

    Arjuna said, “Since I have promised to help you, so I shall protect you. You do not need to worry about anyone as long as I and Madhava (Krishna) are on your side. We possess knowledge of many divine Astras that can prevent the rain from reaching the forest. But, if we have to contend with the might of Indra, I would need a bow that can withstand the speed at which I shall be dispatching the arrows. I will also need a suitable chariot, which will move as swift as my thoughts. Krishna shall also need suitable weapons to assist you. If these things can be arranged, there will be no problem.

    Case Studies

    In the tredition of astrology we read horoscope from the ascendant and moon. Moon is very important planet in the horoscope because its emotion, We can say without emotion there is no meaning life. That’s the main reason vimsottari dashsa system always based on moon star (birth star).

    My intention to make case studies based nakshatra key points, when focual planets (ascendant, ascendant lord, moon, sun occuied star lord) must occupie specific star based on that star trades, life events will takes place as per the mythology of nakshatras. (not exactly near to the situation)

    For example krittika star if influances in positive way by yoga karaka combinations, connection with dasha he might be doctor, gynecologist, researcher, pandit, priest, cooking etc. If its start giving negative ways he might face digestion issues, adulterous nature, illicit affairs, abandoned children etc.

    Forur navamshas connected to each star. it would be sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces, first sagittarius connected to knowledge, strategy, planning, medical etc, second navamsha of capricorn connected to government servent, management, fitness trainer, barber etc. because capricorn ruled by saturn (combination of venus, sun, saturn).

    Navamshas of aquarius will be connected to inventions, research, technology, management, fashion, public communications etc, pisces can be connected to education, teaching, training, consulting, counseling, water related business, connected to temples etc.

    Parihara Temples

    Before doing any parihar or remedy you need to understand what it is exactly. Unless it will not be usefula anymore. Primaraliy about God, Karma (Good/ Bad), Life path, will remedies really resolve your problem ?

    Every human have specific metrial purposes that’s the reason they depend on super natural energies when things can’t be resolve by theme self. It would children, marriage, health, career, litigrations, well being etc.

    As per the hindu culture for every nakshatra there is specific temple is there. When planets specifically got afflicated on specific star based that also astrologers generally suggests it.

    Sri Kathra Sundareswarar Temple located at Mannampandal, Tamil Nadu. The main god of this temple is Lord Shiva (Kathra Sundareswarar) and the Goddess is known as Tungabalasthanambikai. Krittika starrers praying here for relief of planetary doshas, women awaiting marriage, couples seeking child boon, those facing property disputes and unity in family pray here for wishful results.

    Past Life analysis

    When planets are seriouly afflicated, When noting works really then they go for past life analysis or past karmic deeds understand to rectify to proceed smoothly in current life.

    Which is generally not that much easy to identify. But few of nadi astrology books offering bit of contnet. But need to test & practice those stories on people.

    Using D12 – Dwadashamsha (purva karma) is one of the varga chart is also helpful to read it. D9 – Navamsha tells about purva punya at D1 – Janam Kundali 6 house tells about past karma.