Ashwini kumaras are the golden armored horse headed twins are physicians to the gods, the friends of the sick and unfortunate. The puranas relate that the 2 ashwini kumaras dasra and nasatya were born to mother sanjana/ tvastri and father. They scale the skies showering their healing energies on the earth plane.

Ashwini Kumaras (The Golden Armoured Horse Headed Twins are Physicians to the Gods, the Friends of the Sick and Unfortunate.

The Puranas relate that the 2 Ashwini Kumaras Dasra (The Destroyer) and Nasatya (Untruth) were born to Mother Sanjana/ Tvastri and Father Sun.They are also called as the Twin Sons of Sun and the Sky (or Cloud Goddess) and refered to as the Bright Harbingers of Usha (The Dawn).

They Travel the Sky in their Three-Wheeled, Spring Bearing Golden Chariot Drawn by Birds of Horses and the Charioteer’s Seat is Divided in Three Sections. They Scale the Skies Showering their Healing Energies on the Earth Plane.

They are also Refered to as the Abdijan (Ocean Born), Pushakara Srajan (Wreathed with Lotus), Badaveyan (Sons of the Submarine Fire Badava) Indicating their Mystic Character.

The Ashwini Kumaras Represent the Transition from Darkness to Light, Cosmically and Metaphysically. Ashwini Kumaras procured Madhu (Honey) for Gods and Together with Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge) introduced Soma — Wine (Exilir of Life) into the Cult. They Heal the Blind, the Deaf, the Lame, and Give Back their Youth to the Old.

Ashwini rules all forms of Transportation and Fast Travel. These are very Active, always Busy doing Something and Quick in Action, Swift Like the Falcons, and Possessed of Many Forms)

Shidravyapani Shakti (Power to “Quickly reaching Things ”)

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Favorable :  Auspicious for Beginnings like Learning New Things, Laying Foundation, taking Medicines, Rejuvenation and Healing, Self/Physical Improvements, Brisk Thought/Action, Equestrian Activities, Buying/Selling, Travelling, Vehicle Repair, Wearing Jewellery/Clothes, Occultism, Law, Sacred Installations, Renaming

Unfavorable : Marriage, Conclusions, Emotional and Sexual Activity, Actions Requiring Patience, Intoxication

Body Part: Knees and the Top Portion of the Feet

Tridosha: Vata (Wind or Air + Space)

Colour : Blood Red

Yoni (Gender) : Male

Direction: South

Gotra (Clan) : Marichi (names translates as the “Light and the Swift One”)

Guna (Quality): Tamas