The name of the presiding deity, Rudra translates to ‘the terrible’ or ‘the ruby red’ or ‘the howler’, and the primary star is referred to as the red giant. The destructive and transformative aspect of Shiva is indicated by the diety.

Element Description
Diety Rudra (Lord Shiva)
Sounds Ku (कू), Gha (घ), Ing (ङ), Jha (झ)
Planet Rahu
Colour Green
Gana Manushya Gana
Animal Female Dog

Introduction to Ardra Nakshatra

Welcome to the Ardra Nakshatra! (The Star of Transport) We’re excited you’re here.

Lot of content about ardra nakshatra arranged step by step. You can understand most common trade qualities of ardra nakshatra people. But don’t judge anything by just knowing birth star.

We have to look janam kundali for detailed analysis:

  • Addiction & Themes Defying Traditional Values.
  • Social Outcaste, Abandonment & Parental Issues.
  • Complication at Birth & Themes of Destruction.
  • Anti-Social Activities, Loners and Murderers.
  • Effort, Achievement Themes & Animal Lovers.
  • Motivated by desire
  • Passionate researcher
  • Exploratory mind
  • Abstract thinker
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Pet lovers
  • Destructive
  • Arrogant
  • Critical
  • Anti-social
  • Impolite
  • Acts quickly, curious mind and craves knowledge
  • Good memory
  • Strong communication skills
  • Truthful
  • Compassionate toward those in pain
  • Physical work is preferred over mental work
  • Easily gains support from government
  • Overcomes bad habits
  • Arrogant
  • Ungrateful
  • Mischievous
  • Reckless
  • Anti-social
  • Causes trouble
  • Self-serving
  • Stubborn
  • Critical
  • Impolite
  • Untruthful
  • Poor financial planning
  • Lust for material attainments
  • Excessive indulgences
  • Creates pain or agony for others
  • Inconsiderate
  • Reckless
  • Abuses power
  • Physical labor
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Software engineers
  • Electrical engineer
  • Sound technicians
  • Electronic music
  • Video game developer
  • Special effects and 3D technology
  • Science fiction writers
  • Linguist
  • Photographers
  • Philosopher
  • Physicist
  • Researcher
  • Surgeon
  • Pharmacist
  • Works with poisonous substances
  • Nuclear power industry
  • Psychotherapist
  • Neurologist
  • Detective
  • Sales specialist
  • Analyst
  • Politician
  • Thieves
  • Chess players

Nakshatra Padas

First Pada Second Pada Third Pada Fourth Pada
06° 40′ to 10° 00’ (3) 10° 00′ to 13° 20′ (3) 13° 20′ to 16° 40′ (3) 16° 40′ to 20° 00′ (3)
Navamsa: Sagittarius Navamsa: Capricorn Navamsa: Aquarius Navamsa: Pisces
Sound: Ku Sound: Kha Sound: Nga Sound: Chha
Keyword: Curiosity Keyword: Material Keyword: Research Keyword: Compassionate

Ardra Nakshatra 1st Pada Characteristics Ardra Nakshatra 2nd Pada Characteristics
Ardra Nakshatra 3rd Pada Characteristics Ardra Nakshatra 4th Pada Characteristics

Daily Prediction Graph

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Balarishta Dosha of Ardra Nakshatra

  • Ardra First Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Ardra nakshatram 1st charanam, nakshatra dosham not there, no shanti is required
  • Ardra Second Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Ardra nakshatram 2nd charanam, nakshatra dosham not there, no shanti is required
  • Ardra Third Pada:If a baby boy or baby girl born in Ardra nakshatram 3rd charanam, nakshatra dosham not there, no shanti is required
  • Ardra Fourth Pada: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Ardra nakshatram 4th charanam, nakshatra dosham affects to mother
Anna danam is required on the name of mother before 1 year after baby’s birth.

Baby Names for Ardra Nakshatra

  • Ardra Baby Names: If a baby boy or baby girl born in Ardra nakshatram you can put any name it won’t change the fate. But nama nakshatra energy will increase after 25-30 years by calling the with that name.

Sounds: Ku (कू), Gha (घ), Ing (ङ), Jha (झ)

  • Conditions: We should not name star names like (krithika, revahi, anuradha) etc. We should not name river names (narmada, ganga) etc.
  • Janam Kundali: Which planet have more strengh in horoscope. Which star it occupied based on that we can judge better.
  • Numerology: Based on the lagana lord we can consider the number, The total count will be considered.

Compatible Stars for Marriage

Marriages are made in haven, No body can’t change the destiny. Never thouth if you marry with compatable star everything will be fine. Its only first step to check the matching, Again astrologer will examine both the horoscopes for further verification.

Hope below astrology tools helps for priminary check by yourself.

Mrigasira, Ardra, Purva Ashadha, Swati, Uttara Bhadra, Revati, Bharani, Hasta, Uttara Ashadha, Chitra, Rohini, Uttara Phalguni, Shravana

Shubh Muhurat

Every nakshatra have it’s own frequency, So few of the activies can be done on ashwini star it will supports its flow.

There are many rules to make muhurtha based Muhurtha Tutorial you can learn.

We should be very clear why we are choosing that paricular star, Which is the best nakshatra for our purpose. For example Ashwini connected to medicine, learning, travelling effectivly. Those activties can be done smootly. Again it depends of Tarabalam, Panchakarahitam etc.

Favorable Activities on Ardra Nakshatra

  • Demolition
  • Destruction
  • discarding Objects and Habits
  • Confrontations
  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Propitiating Fierce Deities
  • Tearing Down Structures
  • Managing Difficult Situations
  • Research
  • Getting rid of Old Things
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Addressing Problems
  • and Dissolving Negativity
  • Unfavorable Activities on Ardra Nakshatra

  • Beginning a Project or Event
  • Weddings and Religious Ceremonies
  • Giving/Receiving Honours
  • Travel
  • Elements of Ardra Nakshatra

    Element Description
    Star Ardra Nakshatra
    Sign Gemini
    Range 06°40′ – 20°00′ in Gemini
    Diety Rudra
    Planet Rahu (The North Node of the Moon – Head)
    Meaning “The Moist One”, “The Wet One”
    Indication “The Star of Sorrow”, “Star of Oppression”
    Symbol Teardrop, Diamond, A Human Head
    Shakti (Power) Yatna Shakti (The Power to “Make an Effort and Achievement”)
    Basis Above To Hunt or Search
    Basis Below To Reach the Goal
    Desire To Gain Lordship Over the Animals
    Body Part Eyes and the Back and Front of the Head
    Purushartha (Goal) Dharma
    Category of Star Laghu (Light/ No Heavy) and Kshipra (Quick/Swift)
    Gana (Race) Deva Gana
    Guna (Quality) Tamas
    Varna Butcher
    Pancha Mahabhuta Apas (Water)
    TriMurthi Shiva (Dissolve)
    Animal Dog
    Bird Andril (A Blackish coloured Bird), Swan
    Tree Agar wood, Black Ebony, Tendu or Krushnagus (Latin Name: Diospyros Melanoxylon or Aquillaria Agalocha)
    Sounds Khu, Khaa, Jna, Chha
    Colour Green
    Tridosha Vata (Wind or Air + Space)
    Yoni (Gender) Female
    Direction West
    Gotra (Clan) Pulaha (name translates as the “Bridger of Space”)
    Direction of Motion Urdhwa Mukha (Looking Up/ Facing Upwards)

    Mythology of Nakshatras

    Symbol: Teardrop, Diamond, a Human Head

    Deity: Rudra (The Howling God of the Destructive Storms and Thunder. He is also the Lord of the Wild Animals and Medicines)

    Key Themes:

    • Addiction & Themes Defying Traditional Values
    • Social Outcaste, Abandonment & Parental Issues
    • Complication at Birth & Themes of Destruction
    • Anti-Social Activities, Loners and Murderers
    • Effort, Achievement Themes & Animal Lovers

    Bit lines about Ardra Nakshatra

    • Aura is fresh, new, wetness, and moisture one.
    • Mind, thinking, Penal gland connected.
    • Gravy yards – 3rd eye.
    • Rudra is fears form of Shiva, Anger runs in blood.
    • When you control your anger. Everything matters.
    • Chitra, Swati, Arudra – single stars – Teekshna, Daruna, Nakshatra.
    • Mrigasira , arudra are next to each, parvati wanted to marry
    • Shiva always wants to alone.
    • Rudra Chamakam, Sree Rudram, Rudraksha – Should not lie.

    Key Points

    • Lord shiva also pashupathi nath
    • Destruction
    • Out of the box thinking
    • Tunders, Air, Flying , Smooking, Yogis,
    • Cross roads connected with Rudra. He not like to stay one place.
    • People through their energies on cross roads.
    • Magic, Maya, expect, love it.
    • Transformation of anything. Even life.
    • Opposite to orthotics. Always crazy.
    • Addictions, Smoking, etc
    • Shiva Halahal – overcome the problems. Then will get success

    Few more lines about Ardra Nakshatra


    # Once sun enters in Arudra , India starts rains.

    After lot of suffering it will give results. Summer after rains.

    # Pashupathi Nath

    Wild animals and medicines.

    Romaing, tavel , journey, need peace.

    Want to rule & get the loardship on animals.

    Healing capacity, vetarnity doctors, poison, drug addiction

    Ayurveda Hubs.

    # – Draw chart.   – Tapassu , 3rd mars, 4th Sun, 12th Ketu, 5th or 9th Jupiter, Saturn can be in 8th.

    Devotional , Tapassu, concentration issues, 4th house.

    Excellent in profession, out of the box thinking.

    Foreign, Unconvesional, Out of the box.


    # 1  – One shoot. Murder.

    Rudra is howling, bhrama is giving names.

    Mahanath, Pashupati, Rudra. — Problem in Name recognization

    # 2    Rudra Aksha – tears of shiva, Should not lie if you ware.

    # 3    Connected to Dog, If you go against they will bite you.

    6th house about pets,  6th from the 6th 11th bhavath bhavam large animals.

    4th house car, 7th house ships, tucks etc.

    9th house is father, 5th house childer, and smarter generation

    lagns is connection of both.

    5th is 9th from 9th,  pitris  of your father.

    #  4  –   Draw Chart,  Naturam Godse,

    3, 6, 8, 12 – Dasha Lord, Mars, Saturn, Rahu Connections required. For murder.

    Daksha Prajapati – Head Cutting,

    Bhrama Head Cuting – about saraswati complaint.

    Ego can be damaged.


    Computers, Software, research, foreign travel, mechanics, etc.

    12 Houses about Arudra.  –  All 12 Lagns.

    9 Planets for different lagns.

    Story of Dakshana Yagna

    Howling & Bhramma – Naming

    Story of Rudraksha

    Reorganization problem.


    Case Studies

    In the tredition of astrology we read horoscope from the ascendant and moon. Moon is very important planet in the horoscope because its emotion, We can say without emotion there is no meaning life. That’s the main reason vimsottari dashsa system always based on moon star (birth star).

    My intention to make case studies based nakshatra key points, when focual planets (ascendant, ascendant lord, moon, sun occuied star lord) must occupie specific star based on that star trades, life events will takes place as per the mythology of nakshatras. (not exactly near to the situation)

    For example ardra nakshatra if influances in positive way by yoga karaka combinations, connection with dasha he might be actor, banker, musicians, jewelers, beauticians, shipping industry etc. If its start giving negative ways he might illegitimate affairs, hormonal imbalance, living far from mother, madness or mental illness etc.

    Forur navamshas connected to each star. it would be sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces, first aries connected to fashion, music, clothing, artistic etc, second navamsha of taurus connected to acting, music, banking, consulting, business, travel, gem stones selling etc. because capricorn ruled by moon (combination of venus, moon).

    Navamshas of gemini will be connected to writing, painting, teaching, hr management, communications, consulting, counselling, commission business etc, cancer can be connected to counseling, tele callers, training, consulting, counseling, water related business etc.

    Parihara Temples

    Before doing any parihar or remedy you need to understand what it is exactly. Unless it will not be usefula anymore. Primaraliy about God, Karma (Good/ Bad), Life path, will remedies really resolve your problem ?

    Every human have specific metrial purposes that’s the reason they depend on super natural energies when things can’t be resolve by theme self. It would children, marriage, health, career, litigrations, well being etc.

    As per the hindu culture for every nakshatra there is specific temple is there. When planets specifically got afflicated on specific star based that also astrologers generally suggests it.

    Sri Abhaya Varadeeswarar Temple located at Adirampattinam, Tamil Nadu. The main god of this temple is Lord Shiva (Abhaya Varadeeswarar) and the Goddess is known as Sundaranayaki. Ardra starrers praying for people suffering from incurable diseases, those afraid of death and seeking longevity pray here, seeking relief from any planetary adversities, perform Mrutunjaya Homa. Any obstacle in the way of marriage talks would surely disappear if the parties concerned sincerely pray in this temple.