Uttara Ashada Nakshatra


  1. Uttara Ashada

“The Universal Star”

Symbol: Elephant’s Tusk, or a Small Cot or Planks of a Bed

Deity: Vishvedevas (All Gods or the Universal Gods also called as Ganadevatas. According to the Vishnu Purana, they were the Ten Sons of Dharma and Vishva, the daughter of the Universe’s Genetic Engineer Daksha, enumerated as follows: 1. Vasu (Goodness) 2. Satya (Truth) 3. Kratu (Will Power) 4. Daksha (Ritual Skill) 5. Kala (Time) 6. Kama (Desire/ Lust) 7. Dhriti (Firmness/ Forbearance) 8. Kuru (Ancestors) 9. Pururavas (Abundance/Brightness) 10. Madravas (Peak of Joy)), This Constellation is also Associated with Ganesha(Vignesh) the Remover of Obstacles

Favourable: It is one of the best Nakshatras for Initiating Activities, Planning Events, Spiritual Activities, Rituals, using Discernment, Business Affairs, Signing Contracts, Promotions, Dealing with Authority, Artistic Ventures, Laying a Foundation for a Building, Moving into a New Home, Marriage, Politics, and Legal Matters, Contracts, Art, Politics, Law

Unfavourable: Travel, Conclusions or any Kind of Endings, Illegal Activities, Unethical Activities, Criminal Activity, Impulsive Actions, and Rude Behaviour


Elements connected to Uttara Ashada Nakshatra

Deity Vishvedevas
Symbol Elephant’s Tusk
Planet Sun
Purushartha Moksha
Gana Manushya
Varna Kshatriya
Element Vayu (Air)
TriMurthi Shiva (Dissolve)
Animal Male Mongoose
Bird Stork)
Tree Phanus/ Jackfruit
Sound Bay, Bo, Jaa, Jee

Bit lines about Uttara Ashada Nakshatra

Key Themes

  • Fight for a Righteous Cause for the Benefit of All
  • Writers, Novelists and Mass Appeal Politicians
  • Blessed with Affluence and Leadership Qualities
  • Difficulty to Get the Right Partner in Life

Star: Uttara Ashada

Rasi (Zodiac): Sagittarius/ Capricorn

Range: 26o 40’ Sagittarius- 10o 00’ Capricorn

Padas: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Ruling Planet: Sun

Meaning: “Second of the Invincible One”, “The Latter Undefeated”, “Later Victory”

Indication: “The Universal Star”

Body Part: The Thighs, The Waist

Guna (Quality): Sattwa

Gana (Race): Manushya (Human)

Purushartha (Goal): Moksha (Spiritual Liberation/ Emancipation)

Tridosha: Kapha (Phlegm or Water + Earth)

Nature/ Category of Star: Dhruva (Fixed/ Permanent)

Varna (Caste): Kshatriya (Warrior)

Gotra (Clan): Kratu (name translates as the “One who Inspires”)

Direction: South

Pancha Mahabhuta (Element): Air (Vayu)

Shakti (Power): Apradhrishya Shakti (The Power to “Give an Unstoppable or Permanent Victory”)

Basis Above: The Strength to Win

Basis Below: The Goal that can be Won

Desire: To Gain Victory that can never be Lost

Result of Shakti, Basis, & Desire: Becomes the Unchallenged Winner

Activity: Balanced

TriMurthi (Process): Shiva (Dissolve)

Direction of Mouth / Motion: Urdhwa Mukha (Looking Up/ Facing Upwards)

Yoni (Gender): Male

Animal Symbol: Mongoose

Bird: Stork, Cock (Kukkuta Pakshi)

Sounds: Bay, Bo, Jaa, Jee

Tree/ Plant: Palasa, Phanus, Bread Fruit, Jackfruit (Latin Name: Artocarpus Heterophyllu)

Colour: Copper

Janam Kundali


MAR 21-APR 19


APR 20-MAY 20


MAY 21-JUNE 20


JUN 21-JUL 22


JUL 23-AUG 22


AUG 23-SEP 22


SEP 23-OCT 22


OCT 23-NOV 21


NOV 22-DEC 21


DEC 22-JAN 19


JAN 20-FEB 18


FEB 19-MAR 20

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