Shakti (Power): Prinana Shakti (The Power to “Give Fulfilment and Joy”)

Symbol: Deer’s / Antelope’s Head/ Arched Bow

Deity: Soma, Chandra (The Moon God), God of Soma (Nectar) or Immortality

Favourable: Light Hearted Actions, Travel, Exploration, Sexual Activity, Arts, Healing and Rejuvenation, Education, Socializing, Shifting Home, Moving to a New Location, Communication, Religion and Spirituality, Sales and Advertisement, Taking New Name, Art and Creative Pursuits, Socializing and Making New Friends, Health and Revitalization, Gardening, Advertising, Spiritual initiations

Unfavourable: Marriage, Harsh or Aggressive Action such as Confrontation or Combat, Pre-nuptial Ceremonies, Long Term Decisions


Golden Deer – Maya Deer of Ramayana

Which was the root cause of all the problems. Sitha was kidnaped with the ravana. Fight for wife back. Specious nature because of laundry man from Ramayana

Shiva Puranam

Marriage on this Nakshatra. Intial problems in marriage and problems.


Chandra & Tara (Wife of Bhrihaspathi)

Tara was the wife of Brihaspati, the guru of Devas.  It required extra-ordinarily long hours of working (sometimes even 25 hours a day), chanting of mantras and developing strategies to combat the Asuras. Chandra eloped with tara. He is not going to return the wife of brithaspathi. She willing to came here. There was a battle between the gods.

Bhrama was settled the war to send back the tara. Finally Chandra agreed to go back. But at that time tara was already pregnant. The illegitimate child born bhudha. After that bhrihaspathi accepted and adopted as own child.


Bhramma & Sarawasthi

Bhraman created sarawsti. She take form of dear. He taken form of stag and searching for her. Rudra came to play and chopped the 5th head of bhrama.


Key Themes

  • Spirituality, Meditation and Substance Abuse
  • Pleasure-seeking and Multiple Relationships
  • Illegitimate Children, Perfumes and Brewing

Key Points

  • Deer is a lunar animal, swift, lightness, fickleness
  • Initially marriage problems. Under suspicions nature and little quarrels.
  • Bhudda was also born in this Nakshatra.
  • Birth sign of skhakthi, Prarvati & World of manifestation on this Nakshatra.
  • Curiosity, Hunting, Searching connected to Nakshatra.



Star: Mrigashira

Rasi (Zodiac): Taurus / Gemini

Range: 23o 20’ Taurus – 06o 40’ Gemini

Padas: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Mars

Meaning: “The Deer’s Head” or “The Benevolent”

Indication: “The Searching Star”

Guna (Quality): Tamas

Body Part: Eyes and Eyebrows

Gana (Race): Deva (Divine, God-Like Dispositions)

Purushartha (Goal): Moksha (Spiritual Liberation/ Emancipation)

Tridosha: Pitta (Bile or Fire + Water)

Nature/ Category of Star: Mridu (Soft/ Mild/ Tender)

Varna (Caste): Farmer/ Servant

Gotra (Clan): Pulastya (name translates as “One having Smooth Hair”)

Direction: South

Pancha Mahabhuta (Element): Prithvi (Earth)

Basis Above: To Extend

Basis Below: To Weave or Produce Clothing

Desire: To Gain Lordship over Plants

Result of Shakti, Basis, & Desire: Make the World Enjoyable

Activity: Passive

TriMurthi (Process): Vishnu (Maintain)

Direction of Mouth / Motion: Tiryanga Mukha (Looking Straight/ Looking Forward/ Level)

Yoni (Gender): Female

Animal Symbol: Serpent

Bird: Hen, Garuda/ Eagle, Pigeon

Sounds: Ve, Vo, Kaa, Kee

Tree/ Plant: Khair, Khadira, Milmesha/Cutch Tree (Latin Name: Acacia Catechu)

Colour: Silver Grey