Scorpio:  This sign extends from 210 to 240 degrees in the zodiac. It is located on the back of the body and the rectum and acts thereon. In Ceylon the duration of this sign is 5 ghatis and 23 palas. It is an even sign with Mars as its lord. The Sun takes 29 days 27 ghatis and 29 palas to traverse it. It is whitish in colour, female in sex, fixed, strong in might-time, has much progeny. Its caste is Brahmin and element water. Hypocrisy, stubbornness, blunt­ness and cleanliness are its natural traits. The rec­tum and area round it is studied through this sign.

Scorpio General Characteristics

Signs : Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Lucky Numbers : 1,3,9

Color : Red

Favourable Days : Tuesday

Nature : Watery