Aquarius: This sign extends from 300 to 330 degrees of the zodiac. It is located in the lower portion of the leg on which it acts within its range. In Ceylon the duration of this sign is 4 ghatis and 55 palas. It is an odd sign with Saturn as its lord. The Sun takes, 29 days 49 ghatis and 43 palas to traverse it. It is a male, fixed sign of variegated colour, it is related to all the three humours Vaat, Pdta and Qafa. (Wind, Bile and Phlegm). It is strong during the day-time and represents the western direction. Its caste is Shoodra. It has average progeny and is of fierce nature. Being balanced-minded, philosophical, and deeply thoughtful, are its natural traits.

Aquarius General Characteristics

Signs : Gemini, Libra
Planets: Venus, Mercury
Lucky Numbers : 5, 6, 8
Color : Gray, Black
Favourable Days :Saturday
Nature : Airy