Cancer: This sign covers the area 90 to 120 degrees of the zodiac and is located at the chest and acts on that part of the body within its range Ceylon the duration of this sign is 5 ghatis and 23 palas. This is an even sign having Moon as its lord It is a movable, female sign. The Sun takes 31 days ghatis and 35 palas to traverse this sign. It is female in sex, with phlegmatic nature, strong at night time. It is lord of the northern direction. It is reddish white and gives much progeny. Perseverance material progress, grace and discrimination are its natural traits. Chest, lungs etc. arc studied through this sign.

Cancer General Characteristics : 

Signs : Scorpio, Pisces
Planets : Sun, Jupiter
Lucky Numbers : 2, 1, 9, 3
Color : White
Favourable Days : Monday
Nature : Watery