This sign is from 120 to 150 degrees of the zodiac and is located at heart and stomach and acts there within its range. In Ceylon this sign has a duration of 4 ghatis and 55 palas. It is an odd sign with Sun as its lord. The Sun takes 31 days 2 ghatis fh and 52 palas to traverse it. it is male, fixed   sign strong in in day time, related to the element “fire”. it is orange coloured and hot in effect. Its caste Kshatriya. It represents a developed body and liberality are its natural characteristics. and Heart and stomach are studied through this Sign.

Leo General Characteristics :

Signs : Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces
Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Lucky Numbers : 9,2,1
Color : Red, Orange
Favourable Day : Sunday
Nature : Fiery