Uttarashada Nakshatra:  Efficient in painting etc anxious  for clean cloths  gets honour, orator wells  developed in body, good in intellect, short lived proud ,  liar, stammers, profits through trade etc,  adept in household affairs, has strong will power. provides well for future

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra  : Uttara Phalguni 26-40′ Leo to 10-00′ Virgo
General Characteristics: Emphasis on healing others. Earn money by their learning, liked by all, live a life in comfort and luxury.
Translation : The latter red one or a fig tree
Symbol: A bed or 2 rear legs of a cot.
Animal symbol :  Male Cow (bull)
Ruling planet: Sun
Nature: Manushya (human)
Presiding deity: Aryaman rules leadership, honor, nobility and rules society.

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