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I possess a natural empathy that enables me to connect with others and help them through their sorrows. I use my sensitivity in a constructive way to support those in need and fulfill their emotional needs.

Element Description
Element Water
Quality Mutable
Rules Neptune, Jupiter
Strength Compassionate, Artistic
Weakness Fearful , Overly trusting , Sad
Favorable Colors Purple, Violet, Sea green
Lucky Numbers 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Pisces Characteristics

Pisces individuals are known for their sensitivity, sensuality, emotional depth, and imagination. They are often considered the poets and dreamers of the zodiac, with a strong inclination towards spirituality and the mystical.

The duality of the two fish swimming in opposite directions that represents Pisces can lead to inner turmoil. While Pisceans may have a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world through creative and humanitarian pursuits, they may also struggle with balancing this idealism with practicality.

Pisceans may sometimes retreat into their inner worlds, where they find solace in their rich imaginations and dreams. However, this can sometimes manifest in harmful ways, such as through substance abuse. A lack of self-confidence may also be a hurdle for Pisceans, but those who are able to overcome this weakness can become extraordinary humanitarians and artists.

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