Vishnu (preserver of universe or the pervader), vamana avatara of vishnu also called trivikrama (3 footsteps), saraswathi (goddess of learning) is also associated with shravana as subordinate deity.

Element Description
Diety Vishnu
Sounds Ju (खी), Je (खू), Jo (खे), Sha (खो)
Planet Moon
Colour Light Blue
Gana Deva Gana
Animal Female Monkey

Introduction to Shravana Nakshatra

Welcome to the Shravana Nakshatra! (Star of The Learning Ear) We’re excited you’re here.

Lot of content about shravana nakshatra arranged step by step. You can understand most common trade qualities of shravana nakshatra people. But don’t judge anything by just knowing birth star.

We have to look janam kundali for detailed analysis:

  • Veda Vachaspati or ‘Vac’ Siddhi (Special Faculty of Speech).
  • Proficiency in Mantra, Japa and Ancient Dialects.
  • Learning and Knowing Many Languages.
  • Power to Connect to Higher Levels of Consciousness.
  • Prosperous
  • Learned
  • Wealthy
  • Famous
  • Has a liberal-minded spouse.
  • Great orator
  • Counselors
  • Good listener
  • Hypersensitive
  • Overly concerned with reputation
  • Jealousy and gossip
  • Great capacity for learning
  • Success in foreign lands
  • Lives a prosperous, balanced and modest life
  • Ethical
  • Studies scriptures and ancient knowledge
  • Contemplative
  • Drawn to working for social and humanitarian causes, vigilant to highest good
  • Helps others transform their lives
  • Has a good marriage and a helpful partner
  • Articulate speaker, well-liked; cordial in business
  • Creative
  • Quick learner
  • Knowledge to transcend the material world.
  • Hypersensitive
  • Overly concerned with reputation
  • Pessimistic an unyielding nature
  • Extreme views concerning ethics
  • Excessive generosity that may lead to debt and poverty
  • Develops adversaries and enemies due to jealousy and gossip.
  • Teacher
  • Linguist
  • Speech therapists
  • Language translators
  • Story tellers
  • Religious scholar
  • Educator
  • Politicians
  • Business
  • Researcher
  • Geologist
  • Telephone operators
  • Preservation of ancient traditions
  • Comedian
  • Music industry
  • News broadcasters
  • Talk show host
  • Counselors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Astrologers
  • Radio operator
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Hotel and restaurant industry
  • Healers
  • Holistic medicine
  • General medical profession
  • Charity worker

Nakshatra Padas

First Pada Second Pada Third Pada Fourth Pada
10°00′ – 13°20′ (10) 13°20′ – 16°40′ (10) 16°40′ – 20°00′ (10) 20°00′ – 23°20′ (10)
Navamsa: Aries Navamsa: Taurs Navamsa: Gemini Navamsa: Cancer
Sound: Ju Sound: Je (Jay) Sound: Jo Sound: Gha
Keyword: Ambition Keyword: Diplomacy Keyword: Communication Keyword: Receptive

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