Moola Nakshatra : Self Willed, opposed to old generation, troublesome to father, suffer in bailey, adamant, wanderer, efficient in magic, omens, tantric knowledge  etc, earns from sale purchase of medicines, loves embellished clothes. victorious over enemies, keen at studies, love’s purity, suffers in old age, makes progress  through studies.

Moola Nakshatra : Moola 0-00 to 13-20′ Sagittarius
General Characteristics: Possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject. Haughty, rich, happy, not inclined to injure others, Firm and fixed opinions, live in luxury
Translation :The root
Symbol : Tied bunch of roots or a lions tail
Animal symbol : Male dog
Ruling planet: Ketu
Nature: Rakshasa (demon).
Presiding deity: Nirrti – goddess of destruction who lives in the kingdom of the dead – goddess of dissolution.

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