Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 23 - January 20

March 2020 for Capricorn

Mercury goes direct from the 9th of March, meaning that the problems of Mercury retrograde last month begin to improve quite quickly. This month, after the 9th, is excellent for new business, business travel, management initiatives and pursuing new ideas. This month is ideal for both investigation and brainstorming, and it pays to explore new ideas with colleagues and advisors, be more daring and expansive and start to contemplate what is possible and then research it. This is a month of seeding opportunity, as often what seems daunting or even impossible is actually just a long series of steps and each individual step is totally possible.

An excellent month for budgeting, doing financial forecasting and analysis. You have a better grasp of what is possible and what you will need for any major project, making this an excellent time to put together the pieces of a new venture and start the ball rolling.

This is the best time of year for Capricorn to make new health resolutions. Initiate new fitness regimes, start a new diet, or begin to learn a new sport. It helps to have targets, and you enjoy competitive activities and so make sure you go for fitness or sports that bring out that competitive spirit and get your adrenalin going.

This is a rather sensible, pragmatic time for you and you may now have a new take on romances which are rather tricky or complicated. However, you don’t want to ditch these romances, you would rather figure out how to make then work and you can spend a great deal of time unraveling relationship issues, working on solutions to the practical issues that face you, and being really rational in order to balance some of the emotional turmoil which inevitably comes with new relationships now.

You are very self-directed and often preoccupied this month. This is not necessarily a tender or loving month, it’s more about getting stuff done. You are highly motivated and even a little bossy and can become frustrated by a lackluster or passive partner.

This is a busy time within the family and home, and you are at the forefront, however although you are enthusiastic, in your zeal to get things done, you can be impatient and brusque with your partner.

This is an excellent month for leadership, so be bold, be daring and set new targets and goals to aim for. A great time to apply for a new job with greater responsibility and more freedom to manage projects. An excellent month to become self-employed or start a new business from scratch.

Prior to the 9th, tie up loose ends, complete anything pending, and settle debts, then clear the deck to make way for new projects. The period after the 9th is the time to be flexible and innovative, new opportunities come when you follow leads and react fast to new information which comes your way. Don’t sit still and plod away, there are better more productive avenues for your time.

Mercury goes direct on the 9th indicating that communication, short distance travel, sales contracts and transactions begin to flow again with fewer hiccups. The moon wanes from 9th until the 24th making this a time of diligence and application, after the 24th is best for career moves, job applications and interviews. This post 24th period is also great for PR and public speaking engagements. New management directions are favored. This is not the best time for major changes to your body i.e. cosmetic surgery, dental implants or getting tattoos.


December 23 - January 20

The Goat that symbolizes Capricorn was traditionally CleplCt€Cl as half-goat, half-fish. This complex dual nature is echoed in the Capricornian personality, one of the most complex characters in all the zodiac. They have two distinct natures. One side of the sign is ambitious, hard-working, and enterprising. This Capricornian is highly motivated, loves life, and is able to set high but achievable goals. The other side of the Capricornian, however, is lost in a world of real or imagined obstacles to success; further, this Capricornian often cannot find the motivation to take action and challenge those obstacles. Even successful Capricomiars have a tendency to whine and complain about imagined burdens. These darker tendencies are not eased by Capricornians’ introverted natures and love of solitude.

Compatible Zodiac:

Taurus, Cancer


Responsible, Disciplined, Self-control


Know-it-all, Unforgiving, Condescending

Favorable Colors:

Brown, Black

Favorable Numbers:

4, 8, 13, 22

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