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June 16, 2020by RVA Telugu

ధన నష్టం – Loss of Wealth in Astrology – In the above video astrologically explained about male native’s sudden financial losses in business, further situations & growth.
Before reading any birth chart you need to understand the purpose of reading. The horoscope should be read-only if there is an essential astrological requirement.

Financial debt/loss can be analyzed through a horoscope. Most of the time planets Mars & Rahu play a key role in financial disturbances (Other planets also give financial disturbances).
In astrology 6th house indicates debts, 12th house losses, 2nd house money. When 2nd & 6th houses or planets are astrologically connected (in a certain way) there are chances for debts. Whenever a certain period connects karaka planets & karaka houses, a person is more likely to have debts.
Sometimes Mars & Rahu induces extreme nature and greediness, especially when they are connected to 12th house, financial planning must be done carefully.
The star Arudra is related to Lord Shiva (Energy of Destruction), the star Punarvasu is related to Lord Vishnu (Re-Creation energy), Ups and downs in financial conditions, partial regain and losses are more likely when connected to these stars.
We have to verify how and which stars are naturally connected to wealth matters.

Houses indicating financial matters
2 – Money/finance
6 – Gain from the opponent / Job Money
8- Sudden gains/losses
9 – Luck / Fortune from the past life
11 – Easy Gains
5 – Expenses / Fun / Entertainment / Luxury
12 – Loss / Investment / Some times a huge sum
If the lord of 2nd house is connected to the lord of 6th or 12th houses, and with the karaka planets and the Dasha, it indicates a higher possibility for financial losses or debts.
If the lord of Dasha or Bhukthi is connected to 5 – 8 – 12 bhavas, lower-income, lesser savings or rise in expenditures.

(Astrology doesn’t always predict the exact situations but the nearest possibilities)

Western Progressions helps you understanding the natives’ mental stability & performance.
Favourable vimshottari Dasha forms a good yoga, and checking the nature of past karma (good/bad) astrologically is also essential.

Note: Verification of past events & rectification of birth time are most important while judging events as it enhances the accuracy of interpretation & builds confidence in the astrologer.

An analytical approach to reading the horoscope easily is given in the following steps

1) Planetary Positions – Know characteristics & nature
2) Past Time – As an astrologer, we should be aware of the need to check our interpretation/calculations about past events.
3) Present & Future – Based on our interpenetration regarding the past, its accuracy is considered to estimate or understand the present and future.

In the example given, the original birth details are used (With the natives’ permission) and the steps followed are explained.

The following points should be checked in the Janma Jataka Chakram
1 ) Ascendant lord, 1-5-9 Lords
2 ) Ascendant lord, 2 & 10th Lords
3 ) Negative Combinations (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Rahu)
4 ) Judging Dasha Periods & Their star lords
5 ) Western Progressions & Transit

Note: Dear learners, please do not scare people with your predictions in the initial days of practice, ensure that you have achieved perfection before applying your knowledge in real-time.
This approach is only for astrologers.

⚠️ Disclaimer : Astrology is not a proven science or an exact method of seeing everything in your life. It’s a spiritual guidance that one may or may not accept. There is nothing definite in astrology and nothing can ever be predicted 100%, Never fully rely on astrology for any answer. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized subconsciously. I never prophesise, but honestly admit that astrology can never predict but only can provide tendencies about life. It is just a Road Sign that warns about the forthcoming dangers, and it lies up to the concerned person to notice it and have a smooth ride, or totally ignore it to go with the flow.

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