CA విద్య – అధికృత గణకుడు – Chartered Accountant Astrology – This chart was based on the native’s question if he will pass the CA exam. The reading was done based on both Horary and birth charts.

Key observations were used when judging the Dasha, Progressions of the natives.

# Observation – Aries ascendant, Saturn in 10th, aspecting Mercury in 12th house. It’s a mathematical combination.

# Observation – Mars is in the 3rd house with Ketu in the star of exalted Jupiter. Punarvasu is also related to finance.

# Observation – 2nd lord Venus in the star of Mars in 2nd house.

# Observation – Lagna is also in Bharani nakshatra which is also related to finance.

# Observation – Saturn retrograded after a few days after birth. Since Jupiter and Moon occupied the star of Saturn, they might receive the retrogression effect.

# Observation – By the time the native finished CA, Sun gave trine to progressive 10th house. This video is an analysis of how the upcoming Venus mahadasha is going to be and where the progressions are heading. Note: ►Dear learners, please do not scare people with your predictions in the initial days of practice, ensure that you have attained perfection before applying your knowledge in real-time. ►This is an approach only meant for astrologers ⚠️ Disclaimer:… Share your feedback at RVA Astrology Forum… Twitter Facebook… Instagram… RVA Telugu RVA English… #CharteredAccountantAstrology #EducationAstrology #LearnAstrology #TeluguAstrology #AstrologerHyderabad #TeluguAstrologer #RVA #RVATelugu #RVAEnglish #RahasyaVedicAstrology