IAS అధికారి – Yogas to Become IAS Officer – This chart is of a native who is an IAS official. We are discussing this as an example case study.

Key observations used when judging the Dasha, Progressions of the natives.

# Observation‌ ‌- Saggitarius Ascendant, 5th lord of Mars and 10th lord Mercury in Lagna.

# Observation ‌ ‌- Lagna lord in 5th house and there is an exchange of Lagna and 10th lords.

# Observation ‌ ‌- Lagna lord in pushkar navamsha and aspecting lagna.

# Observation ‌ ‌- Lagna lord’s nakshatra lord is in 2nd house which is an excellent government job combination.

# Observation‌ ‌- Progressions were difficult at the beginning of the trial but were excellent by the time she got the job.

This video is an analysis of varga charts, future progressions and how her growth is going to be.

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