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March 28, 2018by RVA Telugu

360 Zodiac Sign is just imaginary circle to understand the planets movement. Divided into 12 equal parts called 12 signs. Astrologically life is all about emotions. Like body, money, brothers, mother, children, enemies, wife, health, father & education, profession, profits & losses. 9 planets, 12 signs & 12 houses (represents emotions) have their own identities need to merge and tell predictions.

5 simple rules helps to read horoscope simply.
(Rule: 1.) Planets at (Benefices: Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury houses 1 -5- 9 or 1 – 4- 7 – 10 ) gives good.
Planets like (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu) Being at 3, 6, 10, 11 houses will give good results
(Rule 2) 6 – 8- 12 house are called bad houses. Benefice planets should not be placed here.
(Rule 3) 1 – 5 – 9 are good house – exchanges , conjunctions will give good results.
(Rule 4) Good houses for planets. If it’s placed in good signs it will give good results.
(Rule 5) Conjunction of planets. If benefices together will give good results.
Time is parameter to understand everything in life. If horoscope is good, time represents by vimsoddari dasha (9 planets consider as dasha lords) if dasha is positive it will be positive.

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