Varga Charts

Varga charts, also known as divisional charts, are a set of charts in Vedic astrology that provide detailed analysis and interpretation of specific aspects of a birth chart.

The Rashi chart is the main astrological chart that shows the original positions of the planets at the time of birth. It is used as the foundation for all other astrological calculations and interpretations.

Shodasha varga charts are a set of 16 divisional charts used in Vedic astrology, each with a specific area of life represented for more detailed analysis.

Panchamsa (D5), Shasthamsa (D6), Ashtamsa (D8), EkaDasamsa/Rudramsa (D11), D150 Nadi Amsha, and D300 Artha Nadi Amsha, which are used less frequently in astrology. However, these charts can be helpful for accurate predictions if the birth time is rectified and accurate.

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