Dasha System

The dasha system is a crucial aspect of Vedic astrology that helps in predicting future events. There are multiple systems like Astottari, Chara, Yogini, and Vimsottari dasha that are used for this purpose.

Vimsottari Dasha is a widely used system of planetary periods in Vedic astrology, where each planet rules over a certain number of years.

Chara Dasha is a unique system of predictive astrology in Jaimini Astrology that uses specific dasha periods assigned to each sign, allowing for accurate timing of events and analysis of a person’s life in detail.

Apart from Vimsottari Dasha, there are several other Dasha systems in astrology, including Yogini Dasha, Chara Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, and Kalachakra Dasha. Each system has its own unique method of calculation and interpretation.