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Every reading must have purpose. It can be question or dilemma situation to get clarity on it. We always focus to read on current situation. We can read & analyse horoscope using three simple steps.


1. Planets Impact on Human life

Horoscope is a picture of the sky at the time of your birth. The position of planets help to understand the characteristic of humans. Same nature it can positive or negative it works depends on the time.

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2. Life Events Verification

We do verify birth time using astrological techniques & few of past events (important job or marriage). It will help to understand how your birth details accurately matching with our predictions. In addition we do give other past predictions too. That make you confidence on the subject & astrologer.

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3. Current Questions & Future

Understanding the current time is very important to take right decision & drive properly in life. We follow multiple astrological systems like Vedic, Western, KP for more accuracy & authenticity.

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Quick Questions

Shall I ask astrological doubts about my horoscope ?
End of the discussion if time permits you can utilize us to clarify astrological doubts.

What type of questions I shall ask ?
We are not limiting your questions. you need to share your questions, before paying will tell you how we can answer them so later you won’t get disappointed.

Shall I get written predictions ?
As of now we are recoding the session the same you will get shared.

Shall I expect minute level of predictions. ?
For this need to look on transits and other. if it is very important we will work for you. It will take more time and efforts, in case of future predictions depends on our efforts time we will charge additionally.

Customer Speaks

Excellent reading of horoscope, and friendly approach to predictions. My friend from Africa (Nigeria) is thankful for today, discussion. Thanks.

Ajaykumar Thirumala
Doctor, South Africa

Very intense knowledge and in depth analysis..Vinod sir is very patient in answering questions..he builds trust in astrology.unlike other astrologers no gimmicks just pure wisdom and showing the path correctly .very very impressed. Highly recommend

Raj Shri

My experience with RVA and Mr. Vinod was extremely pleasant. Their predictions came true for me. He explained everything with reference to the planetary positions and how they effect us. Six months back I took their consultation for the first time and today again i took his guidance on certain pending matters and would surely recommend him to my friends and family.

Mayank Sharma
Navy Officer, India

I do not believe in astrology but knowing about the future always curiosity. Mr.Vinod predication about my past life was perfectly matching and he gave my future progress also. His passion and knowledge about astrology is awesome and he explains every point very patiently. I sincerely recommend Mr.Vinod as an astrologer who wants to know their future.

Krishna Geddam
Business, India

I am from north india and i was wondering here and there since last 5 years,i met many astrologers in Gurgaon,Delhi,Chandigarh, and TV astrologers too.But i was not satisfied and my problem was not solved.Anyway by god blessing i met Vinod ji and he really explained what i was expecting from a real astrologer.
From past and current to future with recording.It was really surprising.After meeting him,i decided not to meet any astrologer in future and i will follow him only for any problems in my life.Thank you sir ,thank you so much for showing me path.

Amresh Kumar Mishra

The session has been very good. Explanation was clear with impact of each of the planets and how their changes will affect me in future. It has been quiet elaborate and also highlighted good and bad periods with warnings as to what has to be controlled by when.

Sumesh Shenoy

First of all, I would like to applaud Mr. Vinod for sharing all his hard-earned knowledge freely with everyone through his YouTube videos. He has in-depth knowledge and command on astrology. He gave detailed description about my personality and my past, both of which are very accurate. I’m confident that his predictions about my future will come true. Thanks to Mr. Vinod. I give 5-star rating and recommend RVA to everyone.

Yuva K

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