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August 10, 2017by admin

I feel Vedic astrology is mother for all astrological systems. Due to various reason we missed the proper knowledge & guidance from our ancestors. But we want accurate predictions for that reason only we follow kp astrology, nadi astrology, western astrology etc.

Western Progression & Transit

RVA Software – Supports Multiple Astrological Systems

RVA software can able to generate horoscope with placidus house division & required kp features like house & planets sign, star, sub lords , house & planets significators.

5 Levels of vimshottari dasha

Western Aspects

Divisional Charts

Google Location Search & Day Light Saving Mode

More Settings (Multiple Ayanamsa & Language)

Night Mode On

About Us

We are RVA Astrologers and are into horoscope reading, Kundali matching and all kind of astrology services. Astrology happens to be our passion and we are on a mission to build simplified astrology learning knowledge base

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