RVA Software – Multiple Systems

Vinod Bonda
August 10th, 2017
RVA Astrology Software – According to me, Vedic astrology is the mother of all astrological systems. As the knowledge passed from generations, we might have missed a few links in this process of knowledge transfer. Hence, we’re relying on various astrology methods to fill this knowledge gap as accurate prediction is the most important criterion.

As we’re following multiple methodologies for accuracy there arises a need to switch between astrology software, making the job hectic for an astrologer. We’ve consolidated all the needs and made it into a single software making life easier for an astrologer to interpret within no time.

Natal, Western Progression & Transit Charts

House and Planet cusps Table

4 Levels of Vimshottari Dasha

Western Aspects

Divisional Charts

Location Search & Built-in DST Mode

Multiple Ayanamsa & Languages

Light / Dark Mode

Use RVA Software at https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/rva-software/ RVA Software generates horoscope with Placidus house division and it shows the house, planet’s sign, stars, sub-lords, planet’s significators information in one single page supporting the user to view and print. In case of any issues (bugs or miscalculations), you can report at https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/ask/t/support If you are unable to find your birthplace, you can start the discussion mentioning the longitude and latitude details. we will add it into our software https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/ask/t/add-location To provide your valuable feedback and design-related suggestions, start a discussion at https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/ask/t/feedback We’ll take all your feedback to make the software more efficient.  

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