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October 20, 2017by Vinod

The RVA marriage compatibility online tool is a powerful tool. The major features of it are where you can analyze both the horoscopes of the bride and groom together side-by-side and also you can see both progression charts and current dasha all at once and it also gives traditional ashtakoot (36 point guna ponthana) calculations based on the Vedic astrology. The matching report (% match of Ashtakoota, Manglik), and the % of profile matching. It also provides information about the Rajju doshas and Vedha doshas if any. The tool helps astrologers to find all the required information in a single window for easy comparison, unlike in the traditional softwares where you need to generate multiple charts. You can also generate north/south Indian style kundali, multiple languages are also supported. The tool shows the planetary degrees, following- the Placidus bhava division.

Match Percentage


Vedic Marriage Compatibility

Both Natal, Progression Charts

Match Ashtakoot Point

Matching Report


Night Mode

Divisional Charts & Dasha Period


  • North/South Indian charts
  • Multiple languages
  • Choose ayanamsa
    • Laheri ayanamsa
    • KP new/old ayanamsa
    • KP khuller ayanamsa

The details required are the name, date, time, and place of birth of the bride and the groom. This gives the ashtakoota comparison, Kalasarp dosha, mangalik dosha, pitra dosha, sade sati dosha details for both. The progression charts give scope for the astrologer to analyze about marital life.

Though there is no print option on this page, you can always take a screenshot to print the charts. 

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If you are unable to find your birthplace, you can start the discussion mentioning the longitude and latitude details. we will add location into our software

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