Horary Astrology Software based on KP

Guru Ji , KS Krishna Murthy finally understand, beauty of astrology placed at prashna jyothisham. The main reason we dont need any birth details of the client,Noting to worry about accuracy.

Great transformation of 108 nakshatra pada prashna system to 249 sub lord conversion & applied modern placidus bhava division. The only thing you need to practice, practice, practice that’s it.

KP Horary Main Screen & Settings Gear. 

Simply you can enter your name & question. From which location you are preparing just enter location. Select the random number or given number by client. Click on submit to generate online.

KP Horary Software Features

  • Google GEO Location Support
  • Multiple Ayanamsas
  • Move Lagna – We can move to 5th or 9th house like that.
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Mobile Responsive , 5 Levels of Dasha
  • House & Planet Significators, (A, B, C, D)

House Cusps & Planet Cusps

KP Horary Software follow placidus house division to generate it, You can refer planets, significators tables for predicting.

5 Levels of Vimshottari Dasha

Western House & Planets Aspects

Multiple Indian Languages Support

Very few software tools support multiple languages. You can change from setting icon to telugu, hindi, tamil, kannda, malayalam etc.