Best & Simple Astrology software for Vedic, Western, KP astrological systems.

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A simple tool any one can learn astrology & any one can read their horoscope. Lot more free reports.

Daily Predictions Based on Star, Birth Sign Predictions, Nakshatra Daily Predictions

Vedic marriage compatibility calculator, It will help to check 36 guna matching

Rudraksha Remedies, How to ware rudraksha & Shuddi, eka mukhi & other rudrakshas

Lucky Number for Phone, Lucky Number for Cars & Bikes, Lucky Name + Number

Panchang for Auspicious time, Today Tidhi, Vara, Nakshatra, Rahu Kalam & Gulika

Nava Ratna Suggestions, Gemstone based Lagna & 10th House, Mind & Health

Rahu & Kethu Sarpa Dosham, Remedies & Suggestions, Based on Your Birth Time

Manglik Dosha calculator, Kuja Dosha Check, Kuja Dosha Calculator Software

Baby Name

Baby Names Astrology, Baby Names Numerology, Nakshatra and Rashi Calculator

Elinati Shani Calculator
Sade Sati Astrology
Sade Sati Period finder

Pitra Dosh in Astrology
Pitra Dosha Calculator
Pitra Dosha Remedies

Live Astrology on Phone
Marriage & Children
Govt Job, Career & Abroad Fly

Astrology signs Predictions
Sign astrology Dates
Astrology Sign Calculator

Choghadiya Calendar 2018
Choghadiya Today
Choghadiya Hora Astrology

Jaimini Chara Dasha Calculator
Chara Dasha Software
Jaimini Astrology Software

Yogini Dasha Calculator
Sankata Yogini Astrology
Yogini Dasha Software

Mahadasha Calculator
Vimshottari Dasha Calculation
Astrology Dasha Calculator

Sarvashtakavarga Calculator
Sarvashtakavarga Chart
sarvashtakavarga Calculation Software

Mahadasha Calculator
Current Dasha based on DOB
Calculate Dasha Astrology

Astrology Biorhythm Calculator
Horoscope Forecast
Physical, Emotional & Intellectual

Ashtakavarga Calculation Online
Ashtakavarga Chart
Ashtakavarga Planet Strength