Business & Money

Money: Money is medium of exchange for the efforts. Money is required to fulfil the needs & enjoy the fruitful life. As per astrology we can predict & astrological remedies will help to be rich & lead peaceful life.

Business: Basically business can be classified into fours stages.

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Shopping malls, corporate business organizations
  • General stores, normal business stores
  • Day to day business vendors.

Using astrology remedies for business extension you will push to next level of business.


When will my business get success?

Yes, we do our efforts & many ideas to improve the business. But someday we will think what’s happening exactly. Your analysis, execution, process and approach may be the cause for your business growth. When time runs in an opposite way all the efforts are in vain. Using astrological remedies & other gem stone remedies will really helps to think in proper way to achieve it. As well as we also give you career & money predictions other dosha remedies will helps to make you get success.

How to improve business & how attract more customers?

As per your horoscope & dasha analysis we can be able to predict business growth. If you have any doshas in your chart and follow remedies, automatically people will start believing you in the business life. It helps to attract more customers.

Which business is suitable?

Yes, many people will not able to settle in a proper business. Really they don’t know what type business exactly suitable for his skills & investment. Yes, for this, astrology really helps what type of business suitable to make money with the help of dasha, horoscope, and planets characteristics analysis report.

Shall I invest on new business?

Yes, it’s really a wonderful question. Based on your birth chart with the date and time of birth we can able to predict it by using vedic astrology.

Shall I go with partnership with new partners?

Yes, sometimes we like to go for a big business so we try to join the partners. Partnership is like marriage. Whether it is suitable to you and how your relationship will be with your partners need to be considered. As well as need to check your dasha period to take proper decision with the help of vedic astrology.

Is abroad business relations will work? When can I go to abroad for business / work?

Yes, we observe many people’s horoscope charts. Now a days many business people generating good revenue from abroad. (exports, imports, services etc.) We can able to check based on your date of birth.

What are best remedies for business improvements?

In vedic astrology few of powerful remedies will really effects to improve your business. But here we do suggest those based on your date and time of birth with the help of astrology on phone service.