ఉద్యోగాభివృద్ధి జ్యోతిష్య విశ్లేషణ career astrology. In some rare cases astrologers want to understand which career path or business is suitable for particular horoscope. This is simple yet tricky question to astrologers generally. Because astrology predicts through planets, signs, stars etc. But here every element has multiple karakatwas in astrology, due to this hard to... ఉద్యోగం జాతక విశ్లేషణ We can read career horoscope by date of birth astrologically. Career means job or business can be considered. In the current video I am covering professional job only. Most of the learners are always look for what type of job they will do, these kind of curiosity will be there for... జన్మ జాతక ఫలితాలు Astrology is a tool to read horoscope, it will not modify anything in life, enlightens what it is there approximately. There is always freewill in life. Based on true date of birth, time & place we can take planets position to prepare horoscope. You can read horoscope using following 3 steps.... This is part of Horoscope Analysis without any purpose to understand the flow of reading for learners. Never forget the classics of astrology like Saravali or Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra helpful to understand the basic rules about horoscope. 5 Simple steps to read horoscope without any confusion Verify below points at Jataka Chakram The... Love Marriage Prediction in KP Astrology Horary . We always need to verify how question is strong given the querent it must signify the intensity in it. Prashna system always requires it. We can verify it through the lagna sub lord or moon will tell about significance. Currently we working for should I marry... Planets are divided into two parts in KP astrology as inner planets & outer planets. (లోపలి గ్రహాలు & బాహ్య గ్రహాలు) Planets being far from sun radius astronomically called as outer planets. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn called as outer planets. Moon, Mercury, Venus are very close to Sun. Explained clearly the concept of outer planets useful... పునర్పు దోషం Connection between Saturn and Moon is known as Punarphoo or Punarphoo Dosha. Shri K. S. Krishnamurti dealt Punarphoo mainly from marriage perspective and talked about Punarphoo in sixth reader (Marriage, Married Live and Children). Here is excerpt from the Sixth Reader – “Whenever Saturn has got any connection what-so-even with Moon, there... The significators (కారక గ్రహలు) – సిగ్నిఫికేటర్స్ – కెపి ఆస్ట్రాలజీ are used to determine the time of the event. One should find out all possible significators of the houses corresponding to the question and then find out the fruitful significators that are used to time the event. Planets will be used as indicators to predict...

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