ఉద్యోగాభివృద్ధి జ్యోతిష్య విశ్లేషణ career astrology. In some rare cases astrologers want to understand which career path or business is suitable for particular horoscope. This is simple yet tricky question to astrologers generally. Because astrology predicts through planets, signs, stars etc. But here every element has multiple karakatwas in astrology, due to this hard to... జన్మ జాతక ఫలితాలు Astrology is a tool to read horoscope, it will not modify anything in life, enlightens what it is there approximately. There is always freewill in life. Based on true date of birth, time & place we can take planets position to prepare horoscope. You can read horoscope using following 3 steps.... జనం కుండలి In the above video taken example to understand the flow of the horoscope. This made for learners to understand the flow of jatakam. As a learner we always need steps to read the horoscope. Verify below points at Jataka Chakram 1 ) Ascendant lord, 1-5-9 Lords2 ) Ascendant lord, 2 & 10th... This is part of Horoscope Analysis without any purpose to understand the flow of reading for learners. Never forget the classics of astrology like Saravali or Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra helpful to understand the basic rules about horoscope. 5 Simple steps to read horoscope without any confusion Verify below points at Jataka Chakram The... Before judging the western progression results we need to look the signs of planets where they are placed in natal chart. if we dont consider these in some cases our western progression predictions may fail. Signs divided into 3 parts : Movable, Fixed, Common signs If any planet have afflicted as per western. Even... Western astrologers give more preference to 10th house. Planets being near 10th house or any aspect formed with 10th house going to give results based on aspect type. Western aspects in astrology considered based on angle (distance) between two planets. There are few important terms regarding western aspects called as Approaching (Planet trying to... To learn western astrology quickly. We need to understand the difference between Vedic astrology. Western astrologers always strongly consider two important things to give predictions. First one: Verifying the angle between two planets and its results. Second one: Need to compare the natal & progressed chart for predictions. Using the angle between planets by... Shastiamsa (D60) Varga Chart is one of the sixteen main vargas (divisions of a sign) described by Parasara Maharshi. Parasara states that purva punya & past life of native is to be judged from the Shastiamsa occupied by planets. Every varga chart have certain purpose to read detailed level. Shastiamsa not only about past...

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