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June 25, 2019by RVA Telugu

Love Marriage Prediction in KP Astrology Horary . We always need to verify how question is strong given the querent it must signify the intensity in it. Prashna system always requires it.

We can verify it through the lagna sub lord or moon will tell about significance.

Currently we working for should I marry this love marriage query? It should connect to 2 or 5 or 7 or 11

KP Rule: 5th or 7th Cuspal sub lord should be significator for 2 or 5 and 7 or 11

Also must verify 5th cusp sub lord & sub lord of star & sub must not be retro.

In worst sub lord of star must not be retro.

2nd house is one’s family 7th house about partner, 5th house about love & romance 11th about fulfillment of desire.


Ascendant cuspal sub lord or moon will signify the query

Sub Lord is Mars signifying 8, 11 and 12 – So query is confirmed.

Moon is signifying 8, 3 and 5

Examine the 5th cusp. It’s in Cancer 25:00:30 degrees. Sub lord is Rahu

Rahu – Ve – Ju

Rahu is posited at 5th house. Rahu agent for Sun 4 (P) owns 6th house.

Rahu conjoined with Mercury 5 (P) 3, 4, Jupiter 6 (P) 9, 10

Star Lord Venus – posited at 5th house. Having 2 and 7 houses.

Venus conjoined with Sun 4 (P) 6

Sub Lord Jupiter – posited at 6th house. Having 9, 10 houses.

We discussed Rahu & Mercury already

Rahu signifies 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10

Now examine the 7th cusp. It’s in Libra 4:46:40 degrees. Sub lord is Venus

Venus – Me – Sa

Venus is posited at 5th house. Having 2 and 7 houses.

Venus conjoined with Sun 4 (P) owns 6th house.

Star Lord Mercury – posited at 5th house. Having 3 and 4 houses.

Mercury conjoined with Rahu 5 (P) Agent for Sun 4, 6, Jupiter 6 (P) 9, 10

Sub Lord Saturn – posited at 8th house. Having 11, 12 houses.

Saturn conjoined with Mars 8 (P) 1, 8

Venus signifies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, 11, 12

Again 11th cusp is also Rahu

Verify the positional status planets

Here Moon, Mars and Rahu are in positional status.

Verify node signs in positional status or aspected by any other planets too.

Rahu is in positional status, conjoined with Jupiter, Mercury, aspected by Saturn

Agent for Sun

Ruling planets at the time of Horary.

Lagna: Saturn | Sun | Saturn

Moon: Mercury | Mars | Mercury

Day: Saturn

Common ruling planets: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn

Significators for 2, 5, 7, 11

• 2 – Ra , Ve

• 5 – Ve, Ra, Me, Mo

• 7 – Ra, Ve

• 11 – Me, Ke, Su, Ma, Sa

Common Significators

Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury

Common ruling planets & Significators.

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury

11th cusp is Rahu – Conjoined with Mercury and Jupiter, Agent for Sun, because of slow moving planet Jupiter marriage will come little late in a year., Mercury, Sun are fasting moving planets, Rahu agent for Sun that is another advantage to marriage could take place sooner.

Fixed Sign – Generally Delays. (Rahu in Fixed Sign)

Here Rahu is agent for Sun.

Purnarpu Dosham: Saturn and Moon not connected, there is no PP Dosham

Important Rule: Cuspal Sub lord & Negations & Positional Status
Rahu is in positional status and also CSL for 5 and 11
Joint Period for Getting Job in D B A S

Mars Dasha

Mercury Bukthi

Jupiter -Anthara (Typical situation of jupiter, As per me it might worked as venus)

Mars – Sookshma 16-11-2016 to 19-11-2016

Actual Result:

Marriage: 16-11-2016, Moon: Mrigasira, Sun in Vishaka , Mars Sign

share your feedback and suggestions, questions as comments.

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