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July 6, 2020by RVA Telugu

ఆలస్య వివాహం – Late Marriage in Astrology – In the above video astrologically explained about male native’s timing of marriage as per astrology, explained further situations & the possibility of marriage.

Before reading any birth chart you need to understand the purpose of reading. The horoscope should be read-only if there is an essential astrological requirement.

The timing of marriage / marital life can be analyzed through a horoscope. Most of the time planets Mars & Saturn play a key role in the female horoscope regarding marriage, Venus, Moon play an important role in the male horoscope for marriage. (Male planets in a female’s horoscope help to analyze marital life in case of a female individual while for male individuals, female planets do the same). There are certain planets known as kalatra karaka (Spouse giving), Kuja for females, and Venus for males.

In astrology 7th house indicates marriage, 2nd house family, and 11th house children (with the wife). When 2nd & 7th houses or planets are connected to Dasha, karaka planets & karaka houses, marriage will take place.

Mars, the male, and the malefic planet is the kalatra karaka for females, and also a reason that scares regarding Mangalik Dosha. Refer to our previous videos to know in greater detail. Hence, don’t rely on a single combination during prediction.

As there are 12 ascendants, for every ascendant certain specific sets of rules. The current real-time example assists in understanding the same. The male native is born at Libra ascendant and the 7th lord Mars in Kendra house will give good results. But here, occupied at ascendant with Saturn, Mars occupied 6th lord star and is retrograde. This may not give marriage or delay marriage.

If you follow only Vedic, you need to consider the birth chart & navamsa chart to double-check the same yoga. But what I exactly do is analyze the Basic planetary combinations, judge the current and near-future period by validating the current Dasha period, the favourable time period for marriage, Life in the next 5 years from the marriage, the western marriage compatibility and also conclude the same from the partner’s chart.

Houses related to marriage life
2nd house – Family, interpersonal relation
7th house – Legal Marriage & Relationship, Marital Life
4th house – Comforts & Family, Peace
5th house – Children, Fortune of Past Life
8th house- Manglya Stana for Female
9th house – Luck / Fortune from the past life
11th house – Satisfaction, Children of Wife, Happiness
12th house – Bed Comforts, Marital Life

As per my experience if 7th lord retrograde or star lord of the 7th lord retrogrades and if they are not in the 2nd, 10th or 11th house, there might be a problem in marriage and we have to examine the horoscope deeper.

(Astrology doesn’t always predict the exact situations, but the nearest possibilities)

Western Progressions helps you in understanding the natives’ mental stability & performance.
Parashara Vimshottari Dasha System can check the nature of past karma (good/bad) astrologically which is also essential.

Note: Verification of past events & rectification of birth time are most important while judging events as it enhances the accuracy of interpretation & builds confidence in the astrologer.

An analytical approach to read a horoscope easily (described in the following steps)

1) Planetary Positions – Know characteristics & nature
2) Past Time – As an astrologer, we should be aware of the need to check our interpretation/calculations about past events.
3) Present & Future – Based on our interpretation regarding the past, its accuracy is considered to estimate or understand the present and future.

In the example given here, the original birth details are used (With the natives’ permission) and the steps followed are explained.

The following points should be checked (in the Janma Jataka Chakram)
1 ) Ascendant lord, 1-5-9 Lords
2 ) Ascendant lord, 2nd & 10th Lords
3 ) Negative Combinations (Between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Rahu)
4 ) Judging Dasha Periods & Their star lords
5 ) Western Progressions & Transit

► Dear learners, please do not scare people with your predictions in the initial days of practice, ensure that you have attained perfection before applying your knowledge in real-time.
► This is an approach only meant for astrologers

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