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June 30, 2019by RVA Telugu


జనం కుండలి In the above video taken example to understand the flow of the horoscope. This made for learners to understand the flow of jatakam.

As a learner we always need steps to read the horoscope.

Verify below points at Jataka Chakram

1 ) Ascendant lord, 1-5-9 Lords
2 ) Ascendant lord, 2 & 10th Lords
3 ) Negative Combinations (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Rahu)
4 ) Judging Dasha Periods & Their star lords
5 ) Western Progressions & Transit

The above steps are for astrologers internal purpose only.

When you read horoscope you can signify 3 steps to understand horoscope to end user.

1 ) Planets Positions – How characteristics & nature
2 ) Past Time – As astrologer how your calculations working
3) Current & Future – based on past accuracy you can estimate.

In any horoscope when multiple planets conjoined in same house. & if some planets retrograde then astrologers will face trouble to understand those combinations. Could not able to judge the which dasha is great which dasha may not work or which bukthi works these all can be judged property through this process.

Astrology is always combinations (yogas) vs time (dasha). As a learner & astrologer you need to remember time is always king. Even negative combinations in horoscope which it will give positive results when it will negative results you can verify it.

share your feedback and suggestions, questions as comments.

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