Varna or Neptune

Modern astronomers have discovered two new planets, thus making the total of planets as 11. Neptune of them and is is in called in India as Varuna. traverses a sign in Pisces. 14 years. It is the lord of it has been considered as strongest when placed in watery signs. Neptune is 227 crones miles away from the Sun. It is 83 times as big as the earth. It completes the revolution of 360 degrees in 168 years. The occupation of a movable sign by Neptune decreases the digestive  power. When situated in fixed signs, it creates trouble in the digestive-system and the intestines. When located in dual signs it brings about defect in the semen. This planet gives good results when, posited in a good house and good sign. Navy, fishing, boating, fish trade, driving of sub-marines etc. are studied through this planet.